Goal and Highlights: Pumas Femenil 1-0 Chivas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil


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Winning again

Pumas took advantage of their double home advantage and defeated Chivas this Saturday to climb momentarily into the playoff zone in eighth place.
1:56 PM4 months ago

End game

Pumas Femenil 1-0 Chivas Femenil
1:52 PM4 months ago


Five more minutes are added.

Villeda controls Villeda's cross inside the six-yard box.

1:50 PM4 months ago

Goal Pumas femenil 1-0

1:48 PM4 months ago


Montero and Jaramillo leave

Valenzuela and Gutiérrez come in.

Chivas changes.

1:45 PM4 months ago


Pumas Goal

On a corner kick, Duarte's near post header opens the scoring.

1:44 PM4 months ago


Santamaría entered and Garza left, a change for Pumas femenino.
1:38 PM4 months ago


Jaramillo is cautioned after a strong kick.
1:32 PM4 months ago


Moment of pause in the game because it is the time for rehydration.
1:26 PM4 months ago


Montoya's hand inside the area is disallowed for a handball
1:21 PM4 months ago


Quinto has been reprimanded.
1:17 PM4 months ago


Herrera and Diaz came on, and Duarte and Pineda were substituted for Pumas femenino.
1:13 PM4 months ago


Herrera and Garza did not speak to each other when they were alone at the far post and Pumas wasted the chance.
1:05 PM4 months ago


The second half begins between Pumas and Chivas femenino.
12:48 PM4 months ago

Half time

Pumas 0-0 Chivas femenil.
12:45 PM4 months ago


Garza's long-range shot went wide and two more minutes were added.
12:42 PM4 months ago


Godinez with a shot at the far post that goes wide and the ball goes wide.
12:41 PM4 months ago


Villeda pressured Cervantes and never let her shoot comfortably, so the ball ended up in the corner kick.
12:40 PM4 months ago


Alicia Cervantes' header goes straight into the stands.
12:38 PM4 months ago


Natalia Macias's shot goes over the top of the red and white goal.
12:32 PM4 months ago


Karol's shot that Villeda stretches and saves his goal with a handball.
12:30 PM4 months ago


Vázquez came on and Soto came off, a Chivas substitution due to injury.
12:27 PM4 months ago


The game is stopped and it is time for rehydration.
12:25 PM4 months ago


Campa's shot hit the crossbar and Pumas came close to opening the scoring.
12:21 PM4 months ago


Villeda made a timely sweep when Jaramillo was already entering the area.
12:17 PM4 months ago


Alicia Cervantes gets past the goalkeeper, but her shot goes wide and on the second play, the Pumas defense rejects the ball.
12:12 PM4 months ago


Cervantes' service was filtered, although he had already been penalized for offside.
12:10 PM4 months ago


Montoya's shot from half distance goes high over the opponent's goal.
12:02 PM4 months ago


Miriam Castillo is left lying on the field and medical assistance arrives.
12:01 PM4 months ago


The game between Pumas and Chivas femenino begins.
11:55 AM4 months ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from kickoff in the Mexican capital between Pumas and Chivas Femenil in Liga MX Femenil.
11:46 AM4 months ago

Finish warming up

Both Pumas and Chivas have completed their respective warm-ups and have declared themselves ready for the opening whistle of this game.
11:40 AM4 months ago


25 Karol Contreras, 14 Dayana Madrigal, 22 Isabella Gutiérrez, 28 Paloma Magallanes, 9 Gabriela Valenzuela, 11 Anette Vázquez, 20 Luisa de Alba.
11:39 AM4 months ago

Pumas Substitutes

1 Miriam Aguirre, 3 Rebeca Zavaleta, 5 Kimberli Gómez, 22 María Yokohama, 26 Lucía Rodríguez, 6 Hireri Velázquez, 7 Hilary García, 28 Grecia Pineda, 11 Luz Duarte, 19 Edna Santamaría.
11:37 AM4 months ago

XI Chivas Femenil

1 Celeste Espino, 2 Diana Rodríguez, 3 Damaris Godínez, 5 Karol Bernal, 26 Angélica Torres, 6 Miriam Castillo, 7 Casandra Montero, 8 Christian Jaramillo, 15 Kristal Soto, 13 Joseline Montoya, 24 Alicia Cervantes.
11:32 AM4 months ago

XI Pumas Femenil

12 Melany Villeda, 2 Dirce Delgado, 4 Deneva CAgigas, 14 Bibiana Quintos, 15 Marylin Díaz, 17 Diana Gómez, 8 Dania Padilla, 25 Laura Herrera, 9 Dionora Garza, 21 Natalia Macías, 29 Marlyn Campa.
11:27 AM4 months ago

Dressing rooms ready

This is what the dressing room looks like for Chivas Femenil, who will wear their away kit in black for the match against Pumas Femenil.

11:22 AM4 months ago

The rules

These are some of the instructions to follow to enter the stadium in the Mexican capital this afternoon.
11:17 AM4 months ago

What happens if the Chivas win?

The red-and-whites are in third place at the moment and with a win they would reach 28 points, which, for the moment, would help them climb up to 26 points behind Monterrey's Rayadas.
11:12 AM4 months ago

What happens if the Pumas win?

If the Pumas women's team were to win, they would be in the playoff zone with 14 points, pending Cruz Azul's performance, after a very poor start to the season.
11:07 AM4 months ago


Pumas Femenil and Chivas Femenil kick off Liga MX Femenil activity 11 at the Olímpico Universitario with different perspectives on the season, but with the same mission to win. We begin our coverage.
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Tune in here Pumas Femenil vs Chivas Femenil Live Score in Liga MX Femenil

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What time is Pumas Femenil vs Chivas Femenil match for Liga MX Femenil?

This is the start time of the game Pumas Femenil vs Chivas Femenil of 2nd October in several countries:

Argentina: 2:00 PM

Bolivia: 1:00 PM

Brazil: 2:00 PM

Chile: 1:00 PM

Colombia: 12:00 PM

Ecuador: 12:00 horas

USA (ET): 1:00 PM in TUDN

Spain: 7:00 PM

Mexico: 12:00 PM in TUDN.

Paraguay: 2:00 PM

Peru: 12:00 PM

Uruguay: 2:00 PM

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Last games

In the last three meetings, the team from Guadalajara has shown dominance over Pumas, winning seven of the nine available points with two victories and a draw.

Chivas Guadalajara 4-1 Pumas UNAM, 2021

Pumas UNAM 1-2 Chivas Guadalajara, 2020

Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Pumas UNAM, 2019

10:47 AM4 months ago

Key player Chivas Guadalajara

Alicia Cervantes does not stop scoring goals every season and is now the runner-up in the championship with 10 goals, with a frequency of 79.09 minutes per goal and has scored on six occasions in other team's backyard.

10:42 AM4 months ago

Key player Pumas UNAM

Part of the reason why the women's team is rising in the championship has been due to Melany Villeda, whose saves have kept her team's goal from falling in the last two matches.

10:37 AM4 months ago

Last Team Chivas Guadalajara

1 Celeste Espino, 2 Diana Rodríguez, 3 Damaris Godínez, 4 Michelle González, 26 Angélica Torres, 6 Mariana Castillo, 7 Casandra Montero, 8 Christian Jaramillo, 15 Kristal Soto, 13 Joseline Montoya, 24 Alicia Cervantes.
10:32 AM4 months ago

Last Team Pumas UNAM

12 Melany Villeda, 2 Dirce Delgado, 14 Bibiana Quintos, 17 Diana Gómez, 22 María Yokoyama, 7 Hilary García, 8 Dania Padilla, 25 Laura Herrera, 9 Dinora Garza, 21 Natalia Macías, 29 Marlyn Campa.
10:27 AM4 months ago

Chivas Femenil: stay in the top four

Chivas Guadalajara's season continues to be very good, occupying third place with 25 points and remaining in contention for the top spot along with Rayadas and Tigres; last Monday they made their home advantage count with a 2-1 win over Pachuca, highlighting that they are one of the best offenses and defenses in the league.
10:22 AM4 months ago

Pumas Femenil team: inspired to the maximum

After a complicated start, Pumas of the UNAM Women's team has gone five games in a row without defeat, which has meant that they are now close to the qualification zone and need to continue adding points to be able to reach the top eight; last Monday they defeated Juárez Femenil 3-0.
10:17 AM4 months ago

Kick-off time

The Pumas Femenil vs Chivas Femenil match will be played at the Olimpico Universitario Stadium, in Mexico City, Mexico. The kick-off is scheduled at 1 pm ET.
10:12 AM4 months ago

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