Medvedev vs Nadal (2-1) Live Stream Updates and Score in Nitto ATP Finals
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7:10 PM2 years ago

Medvedev reaches the final!

Daniil Medvedev wins the match 3-6 7-6 (4) 6-3!

That was a brilliant turnaround from the Russian, who seemed down and out after falling behind 6-3, 5-4, but he steadied himself with some huge serving and authoritative hitting off the ground, especially on the backhand side. A fully deserved spot in the final.

You feel for Nadal as he may have seen his best chance at finally capturing the year-end championship slip through his fingers, but there were many encouraging signs this week, particularly on serve. He'll rest now and get ready for what promises to be another marvelous year in 2021.

So that's all from me for now. Stay with VAVEL for continuing coverage of the Nitto ATP Finals as Daniil Medvedev faces Dominic Thiem for the championship. We'll have full coverage of the title match from 1pm Eastern time tomorrow. Until then, this is John Lupo saying so long and taake care for now.

6:52 PM2 years ago

Medvedev on the brink

Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 5-3 *Nadal

The Russian is a game away after pounding a forehand for a winner. Nadal serves to stay in the semifinals.

6:49 PM2 years ago

Medvedev breaks!

*Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 4-3 Nadal

First blood to the fourth seed in this final set as puts away an overhead on his third break chance of the game. He's two holds away from the biggest win of his career.

6:40 PM2 years ago

Medvedev evens things up

Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 3-3 *Nadal

A bit of a let-off for the fourth seed as Nadal missed on a forehand at deuce. A point later, Medvedev holds.

6:35 PM2 years ago

Nadal stays in front

*Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 2-3 Nadal

What a match this is turning into. Nadal pulls off a great serve-and-volley point to get to 30-30 and blisters a backhand. Eventually, a drop shot and unreturned serve get the job done.

6:28 PM2 years ago

Medvedev pulls through game

Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 2-2 *Nadal

A bit of a shaky game there as the Russian misses on a forehand but catches a break when Nadal misses on one of his own and he proceeds to even things up once again.

6:24 PM2 years ago

Nadal continues to stay out in front

*Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 1-2 Nadal

The slice has been paying dividends for Nadal and he used that and some more big serving to hold.

6:19 PM2 years ago

Medvedev answers

Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 1-1 *Nadal

The Russian breezes through his service game, holding to love.

6:15 PM2 years ago

Nadal holds to open the third set

*Medvedev 3-6 7-6 (4) 0-1 Nadal

And a quite battling hold at that. Big serve-forehand combo gets the Spaniard to deuce and some huge serves give him the opening game of the final set.

6:09 PM2 years ago

Medvedev levels the match!

Daniil Medvedev wins the second set 7-6 (4)!

The difference in the breaker was a mishit lob by Medvedev at 4-3 up and he closed out the set with a crushing backhand to send this semifinal to a decider.

5:56 PM2 years ago

Off to a tiebreaker

*Medvedev 3-6 6-6 Nadal

The tow-time finalist does his job and this set, and perhaps the match, will be decided in a tiebreak.

5:55 PM2 years ago

Medvedev a game away

Medvedev 3-6 6-5 *Nadal

A quickfire hold capped off by a serve-and-volley point from the Russian.

5:54 PM2 years ago

Medvedev breaks!

*Medvedev 3-6 5-5 Nadal

And to love at that. Game on again.

5:53 PM2 years ago

Nadal breaks again!

Medvedev 3-6 4-5 *Nadal

What a turnaround! A backhand error from Medvedev brings up break point and a delicate backhand lob over the Russian's head gives Nadal a chance to serve for a spot in the final.

5:47 PM2 years ago

Nadal roaring back

*Medvedev 3-6 4-4 Nadal

Just when it looked like a third set was on the cards, Nadal has drawn level.

5:46 PM2 years ago

Nadal breaks back!

Medvedev 3-6 4-3 *Nadal

That missed chance may indeed have cost the Russian as Nadal blasts a forehand to get back on serve on his second chance of the game.

5:44 PM2 years ago

Nadal survives

*Medvedev 3-6 4-2 Nadal

Could that be the turning point? Medvedev had a break point for 5-1, but a great backhand erased that chance and some unreturned serves get Nadal through that game.

5:43 PM2 years ago

Medvedev closing in on the set

Medvedev 3-6 4-1 *Nadal

The backhand is getting the job done for the fourth seed now.

5:41 PM2 years ago

Nadal on the board

*Medvedev 3-6 3-1 Nadal

The easiest hold of the day for the 20-time major champion.

5:40 PM2 years ago

Medvedev breezing now

Medvedev 3-6 3-0 *Nadal

It's all coming easy for Medvedev now as he closes that game off at the net.

5:39 PM2 years ago

Medvedev breaks!

*Medvedev 3-6 2-0 Nadal

Well, well, well. Nadal misfires on a forehand and then double faults on break point. Exactly the start the Russian needed to this set.

5:38 PM2 years ago

Medvedev holds

Medvedev 3-6 1-0 *Nadal

A hold to love for the Russian to open the second set. Exactly what he needed after that disappointing end to the first set.

5:19 PM2 years ago

Nadal takes the lead!

Rafael Nadal wins the first set 6-3!

He showed a little bit of everything in that game: at 15-30, an unreturnable serve, at 30-30 another exquisite serve-and-volley point and on set point, a bruising forehand winner. He's looked very sharp so far and is halfway to the final.

5:16 PM2 years ago

Nadal breaks!

Medvedev 3-5 *Nadal

The forehand for Rafa is cooking and on triple break point, Medvedev misses on his own forehand. Nadal to serve for the set.

5:14 PM2 years ago

Nadal with an easy hold

*Medvedev 3-4 Nadal

The crosscourt forehand is starting to dial in for Nadal and if he gets that going, watch out.

5:13 PM2 years ago

Another strong hold for Medvedev

Medvedev 3-3 *Nadal

It's all too easy for Daniil on serve right now.

5:11 PM2 years ago

Nadal digs out of trouble

*Medvedev 2-3 Nadal

At 15-30, Medvedev commits an error followed by a lovely drop volley from Nadal and another error from the fourth seed as the Spaniard stays out in front.

5:10 PM2 years ago

Another strong hold for Medvedev

Medvedev 2-2 *Nadal

The Russian is playing at his preferred quick tempo and he holds easily again.

4:43 PM2 years ago

Nadal comes through marathon game

*Medvedev 1-2 Nadal

One area of Nadal's game that coach Carlos Moya has greatly improved is his serve and it showed here as he saves three break points, all with big, unreturnable deliveries that gets him through the game.

4:41 PM2 years ago

Medvedev with an easy hold

Medvedev 1-1 *Nadal

The Russian with an easy hold to 15.

4:25 PM2 years ago

Nadal holds to begin the match

*Medvedev 0-1 Nadal

A good service game for Rafa to open the match. He gets through the game holding to 30.

6:42 AM2 years ago

How to watch Medvedev vs Nadal Live

The match is scheduled for 3pm Eastern time, 8pm London time, but won't be shown in the US until 10pm on ESPN2. However, we'll be with you live for all of the action.
6:37 AM2 years ago


This is the fourth career meeting between Medvedev and Nadal with the Spaniard having won all three prior meetings.

They first met in the Canadian Open final in 2019 with Nadal losing just three games. They played a classic five-setter in the US Open final and a round robin match here last year in which the Spaniard came from 5-1 down in the third set to post a stunning victory.

6:32 AM2 years ago

Nadal reaches last four after final group stage victory

After beating Andrey Rublev 6-3, 6-4, Nadal fell to Dominic Thiem in two tiebreakers before qualifying for the semifinals for the first time since 2015 with a 6-4, 4-6, 6-2 win over defending champion Stefanos Tsitsipas.
6:27 AM2 years ago

Medvedev breezes into semifinals

A year after going winless in London, the Russian has looked dominant in the group stages, defeating Alexander Zverev 6-3, 6-4, Novak Djokovic 6-3, 6-3 and Diego Schwartzman 6-3, 6-3 to top Group Tokyo 1970.
6:22 AM2 years ago


Hello and welcome to today's semifinal match at the Nitto ATP Finals between fourth seed Daniil Medvedev and second seed Rafael Nadal.

My name is John Lupo and I'll be your host for this blockbuster clash as the Russian and Spaniard play for a spot in the final.