Highlights and Best Moments: Djokovic 3 -2 Tsitsipas in French Open final 2021
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1:47 PMa month ago


Here are the highlights of the game
1:44 PMa month ago

Novak Djokovic to be crowned at Roland Garros 2021

Although the Greek Tsitsipas started winning the first two sets, the world number 1 turned around and managed to come back in the 5th set.
1:35 PMa month ago

19 Grand Slam

Serbian won his 19th Grand Slam title
1:25 PMa month ago

Its over! Set 5 6-4

Novak Djokovic is Roland Garros champion, takes final set 6-4
1:17 PMa month ago

Set 5 5-4

Tsitsipas saves again and remains in the chase for Nole
1:13 PMa month ago

Set 5 5-3

Djokovic takes the lead again and it gets complicated for Tsitsipa
1:07 PMa month ago

Set 5 4-3

Tsitsipas saves at breakpoint and the score is 4-3.
1:00 PMa month ago

Set 5 4-2

Nole moves closer to title, back to 4-2 lead
12:57 PMa month ago

Set 5 3-2

Tsitsipas must tighten his grip to compete for his first title and closes the gap 3-2
12:53 PMa month ago

Set 5 3-1

Nole imposes authority and goes to 3-1
12:50 PMa month ago

Set 5 2-1

Djokovic takes 2-1 lead to put pressure on Tsitsipas
12:41 PMa month ago

Set 5 1-1

Djokovic ties the fifth set 1-1
12:38 PMa month ago

Set 5 0-1

Stefanos passes the first test and gets the first game point
12:28 PMa month ago

Set 4 6-2

Djokovic comes from behind to take the match to the 5th set
12:22 PMa month ago

Set 4 5-2

Tsitsipas does not give up set 4 and takes second point
12:19 PMa month ago

Set 4 5-1

Djokovic goes to the fifth point and close to tie at 2 sets won
12:17 PMa month ago

Set 4 4-1

Greek cuts Djokovic's streak and takes the first of the fourth set
12:13 PMa month ago

Set4 4-0

Nole doesn't give Stefano any room to shorten the score and nullifies his forehand. Perfect set from the Serb
12:09 PMa month ago

Set 4 3-0

Novak Djokovic makes a perfect defense and wins third in a row
12:01 PMa month ago

Set 4 2-0

Nole pushes Tsitsipas off the line for second straight point
11:59 AMa month ago

Set 4 1-0

Djokovic doesn't want complications and is already up in set 4
11:47 AMa month ago

Set 3 6-3

Serbian finally takes the third set in search of a comeback
11:41 AMa month ago

Set 3 5-3

The Greek player quickly put the third point on the staff
11:40 AMa month ago

Set 3 5-2

Serb scores a three-point difference to take the fifth of the set
11:31 AMa month ago

Set 3 2-4

Stefanos pulls himself together and closes the gap. 2-4
11:27 AMa month ago

Set 3 4-1

Tsitsipas suffers on serve, Djokovic forces error to make it 4-1
11:24 AMa month ago

Set 3 3-1

Breakpoint for Djokovic, although he suffered the Greek's forehand, he takes the game point.
11:10 AMa month ago

Set 3 2-1

Forward for Djokovic. Nole leads 2-1
11:06 AMa month ago

Set 3 1-1

Stefanos makes it 30-40 and ties the score.
11:04 AMa month ago

Set 3 1-0

The experienced tennis player wants to react and gets the first point of the third set
10:57 AMa month ago

Set 2 2-6

Tsitsipas has cancelled out Nole in this set, the Serb has lost movement.
10:55 AMa month ago

Set 2 2-5

The Greek has shown great mettle in this second episode and leads by three points.
10:52 AMa month ago

Set 2 1-3

Forced error by Nole, Tsitsipas makes it 1-3
10:47 AMa month ago

Set 2 1-2

Game for Dojokovic, the Serb tries to recover and reaches the first to reduce the score.
10:42 AMa month ago

Set 2 0-2

New game for the rookie in the grand finale, makes it 0-2 quickly
10:37 AMa month ago

Set 2 0-1

Tsitsipas doesn't let Nole breathe and takes the first point in the second set
10:32 AMa month ago

Set 2

Second set starts
10:27 AMa month ago

End of Set 1 6-7

Stefano Tsitsipas has defended Nole's attack very well and wins the first set.
10:22 AMa month ago

Set 1 6-6

First set point for Nole but Tsitsipas reaches 6-6
10:17 AMa month ago

Set 1 6-6

Great performance by Tsitsipas 3-5 in tiebreak Set 1
10:12 AMa month ago

Set 1 6-6

Nothing for nobody, the Set remains 6-6
10:07 AMa month ago

Set 1 6-5

Break point for Nole
10:02 AMa month ago

Set 1 5-5

In a tight duel Nole reaches 5-5
9:57 AMa month ago

Set 1 4-5

The Greek impressively crosses the Serbian again and takes the game point.
9:52 AMa month ago

Set 1 4-4

The fourth for the Serbian
9:47 AMa month ago

Set 1 3-4

Complicating Djokovic, Tsitsipas takes back the lead in the set
9:42 AMa month ago

Set 1 3-3

The match is very even, Nole ties in the first set.
9:37 AMa month ago

Set 1 30-0

Great crusade of the Serbian
9:32 AMa month ago

Set 1 2-3

The Greek takes the lead again and gets his third game in the bag
9:27 AMa month ago

Set 1 2-2

Djokovic ties 2-2 in the game
9:22 AMa month ago

Set 1 40-0

The Serbian wins quickly with a cross without chance for Stefanos
9:17 AMa month ago

Set 1 1-2

Game to Stefano Tsitsipas
9:12 AMa month ago

Set 1 15-40

Djokovic ties the score and wins the second game
9:07 AMa month ago

Set 1 1-1

Djokovic ties the score and wins the second game
9:02 AMa month ago

Set 1 40-0

Nole takes the lead in the second game of set 1
8:57 AMa month ago

Set 1 0-1

First game goes to Stefanos Tsitsipas
8:52 AMa month ago

Set 1 30-40

The Greek responds well and already makes it 30-40.
8:47 AMa month ago

Set 1 15-0

Tsitsipas serves poorly, concedes first point to Djokovic
8:42 AMa month ago

The grand finale begins!

The ball is already bouncing on Court Philippe Chatrier
8:37 AMa month ago

This is how Nole came out

8:32 AMa month ago

Greek appears on the court

8:27 AMa month ago


The only clash between the tennis players in a Grand Slam took place last year, in the same way, at the French Open. The Serb won in three of five sets: 6-3, 6-2, 5-7, 4-6, 6-1.
8:22 AMa month ago


For his part, Novak Djokovic faced these opponents:
8:17 AMa month ago


Here is a reminder of the nationalities of the men Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated before reaching the finals
8:12 AMa month ago


The Serb is ranked as the current number one in the sport, while Tsitsipas is ranked fifth in the ATP rankings.
8:07 AMa month ago


It should be remembered that it will be a very disadvantageous duel for the Greek, however, a victory could place him at the top of the sport.
8:02 AMa month ago

We start

Everything is ready for another chapter of this Grand Slam to be written. Stay tuned because we have all the information
7:57 AMa month ago

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The future of Tennis

Stefano Tsitsipas threatens to be the character that relieves the "big three", the Greek is twelve years younger than his opponent in the final of Roland Garros.
7:42 AMa month ago

A wealth of experience

The Serbian could consolidate in the elite of this discipline, because if he gets this title he would be the second athlete to be crowned twice in all the Grand Slams.
7:37 AMa month ago

Djokovic way

1 T.Sandren 6-2, 6-4,6-2
2 P.Cuevas 6-3, 6-2, 6-4
3 R.Berankis 6-1, 6-2, 6-4
4 L.Musetti 6-7, 6-7, 6-1, 6-0, 4-0
Cuartos de final M.Berrettini 6-3, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5
Semifinal 3-6, 6-3, 7-6, 7-2
7:32 AMa month ago

Tsitsipas Way

1 J.Chardy 7-6, 6-3,6-1
2 P.Martínez 6-3, 6-4, 6-3
3 J.Isner 5-7,6-3, 7-6,6-1
4 P.Carreno 6-3,6-2,7-5
Cuartos de Final D.Medvédev 6-3,7-6,7-5
Semifinal A.Zverev 6-3,6-3,6-4,6-3
7:27 AMa month ago


The Hellenic player has not participated in any Grand Slam final title, so beating the Serbian would represent a big step in his career. In addition, he would be the second player to snatch the title from the "big three" in the last 10 years;
7:22 AMa month ago


The Serb was finally able to beat a Rafael Nadal in full and aims to get his Grand Slam n & uacute; mero 19. Which puts him just one more title to reach & aiacute; s to reach Federer and Nadal.
7:17 AMa month ago


This morning Djokovic and Tsitsipas will face each other for the crown in Paris
7:12 AMa month ago

Kick-off time Djokovic vs Tsitsipas Live

The Djokovic vs Tsitsipas match will be played at the Court Philippe Chatrier. The kick-off is scheduled at 7:00am ET.
7:07 AMa month ago

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