Summary and highlights of Nadal 2-0 Kecmanovic un Madrid Open
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2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 7-6) Miomir Kecmanovic

Nadal wins in the tie break and closes the match
12:40 PM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 6-6) Miomir Kecmanovic

Both lose their game on serve and this second set will be decided. in the tie break
12:25 PM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 4-5) Miomir y

Nadal won the game and the Serbian answered with blank game 
12:21 PM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 3-4) Miomir Kecmanovic

Kecmanovic suffers with the service but still holding & nbsp;
12:07 PM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 3-3) Miomir Kecmanovic

Kecmanovic breaks the service and puts the tables in the second set
11:54 AM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 3-2) Miomir Kecmanovic

Rafael Nadal breaks serve and takes the lead in this second set;
11:50 AM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 2-2) Miomir Kecmanovic

Nadal's good drop shot to tie the second set at two.
11:45 AM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 1-2) Miomir Kecmanovic

The ball goes to the net and white game for the Serbian tennis player 
11:43 AM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 1-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

Nadal saves the first break ball of the match and wins his first game of the second set.
11:37 AM20 days ago

The meeting resumes

After approximately half an hour of stoppage, the court has been covered and the match will be resumed.
11:09 AM20 days ago

The game is stopped

It starts to rain in the center court so the match is going to be stopped due to the rain 
11:07 AM20 days ago

2º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1 0-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

The Serbian tennis player wins the first game of the second set.
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10:57 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (6-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

Rafael Nadal closes the first set with game in white 
10:52 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (5-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

The Spanish tennis player breaks serve for the second consecutive time and serves to close the set.
10:47 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (4-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

Nadal suffers with the serve but wins the game and confirms the break
10:42 AM20 days ago

Nadal's score


10:37 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (3-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

In his first break ball, Rafa Nadal takes it and is already ahead in this first set.
10:32 AM20 days ago

This is how the Caga Mágica received these two tennis players;


10:27 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (2-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

Very long points in this third game, but Nadal continues to resist.
10:22 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (1-1) Miomir Kecmanovic

Nor does the Croatian tennis player fails in his first service game;
10:17 AM20 days ago

1º Set Rafael Nadal (1-0) Miomir Kecmanovic

The Serb's ball goes out of bounds and Nadal starts winning with a good service game.
10:12 AM20 days ago


To beginá serving in the match Rafa Nadal 
10:07 AM20 days ago

The match between Zverev and Clic is over.

The German tennis player has beaten the Croatian and after this in a few instá ntes come out to the track Nadal and Kecmanovic to play his match
10:02 AM20 days ago

Kecmanovic at Open Madrid 2021

The Serbian tennis player did not pass the first round in 2021 where he was defeated by Isner in two sets.
9:57 AM20 days ago

Nadal at Open Madrid 2021

Last year Rafael Nadal was eliminated from this tournament in the quarterfinals where he was defeated by Zverev after losing by a double 6-4.
9:52 AM20 days ago

Rival in the round of 16

Rafael Nadal and Kecmanovic are playing to qualify for the round of 16, where they will face the winner of the match between Goffin and Van de Zandschucp, who will play today;
9:47 AM20 days ago

While Kecmanovic

The Serbian tennis player has reached the quarterfinals in the last six tournaments he has played, surprising by eliminating great rivals.
9:42 AM20 days ago

Nadal Fact

The Spanish tennis player will play in the Madrid Open for the 19th time and despite arriving just because of the physical condition, he wants to do well in the main tournament of his country;
9:37 AM20 days ago

1 hour

In 1 hour begins the match between Rafael Nadal vs Miomir Kecmanovic, both the previous and the minute by minute of the match can be followed here on VAVEL 
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How to watch Rafael Nadal vs Kecmanovic ?

If you want to watch Nadal vs Kecmanovic live on TV, your option is Tennis TV

If you want to watch it on the internet,VAVEL;is your best option.

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What time is the match Rafael Nadal vs Kecmanovic at Madrid Open ?

This is the kick-off time of the match in several countries

 Argentina: 7:00 hrs.

Bolivia: 9:00 hrs.

Brazil: 10:00 hrs.

Chile: 9:00 hrs.

Colombia: 9:00 hrs.

Ecuador: 9:00 hrs.

Spain: 16:00 hrs.

México: 9:00 hrs.

Paraguay: 10: 00 hrs.

Peru: 9:00 hrs.

Uruguay: 11:00 hrs.

England: 15: 00 hrs

EEUU:10:00 hrs.

Australia: 00:00 hrs.

India: 19:15 hrs

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Nadal wants to see Real Madrid

Rafael Nadal is a big fan of Real Madrid. The Spanish tennis player asked to play early so he could watch the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City at the Santiago Bernabeu. Nadal was in charge of the ceremonial kick-off in the last game of Real Madrid.
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Summary of the last match played by Rafael Nadal

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How does Kecmanovic arrive ?

The Serbian tennis player is in good shape after good performances in the last tournaments. He reached the quarterfinals in Indian Wells where he was defeated by Fritz, who was the winner of this tournament. While in Miami he also reached the quarterfinals and was also defeated by the winner of the tournament, Carlos Alcaraz. While in Belgrade he also fell in the semifinals against the No. 1, who was a finalist. While in the most recent tournament he has played was the ATP of Berlin where he was at the gates of the final after losing in the semifinal;
9:07 AM20 days ago

How does Rafael Nadal arrive ?

Balance of 20 wins and one loss of the Spanish tennis player in this start of 2022. Rafael Nadal has managed to win three titles this year, first the Melbourne ATP, then and the most heroic, the Australian Open, after a final that will be remembered after the Spanish tennis player's comeback against Medvedev. He also disputed the Acapulco ATP, held in Mexico, where on February 27 he defeated Norrie in the final by a double 6-4 to win the title. In the last tournament he played, which was the Miami ATP, Nadal fell in the final against Fritz, so he returns to compete more than a month after having to be off for an injury;
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Rafael Nadal and Kecmanovic have only faced each other on one occasion, that was in 2020 when they met in the round of 16 of the Acapulco tournament, held in Mexico. The Spanish tennis player won the match in 1 hour and 36 minutes by 5-2 and 7-5. Finally, Nadal ended up winning this tournament by beating the American Fritz in the final, and also did so without conceding a single set in the entire tournament;
8:57 AM20 days ago

Venue: The match will be played at the Magic Box in Madrid, a court located in the city of Madrid and inaugurated on May 8, 2009 with a capacity for 12,442 spectators.

Source; Mutua Madrid Ooen
Source; Mutua Madrid Ooen
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Preview of the match

Rafael Nadal and Kecmanovic will face each other in the round of 32 at the Madrid Open. This will be the debut for the Spanish tennis player in this edition of the tournament while the second for the Serbian tennis player;
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