The key quotes from Jurgen Klopp's pre Real Madrid press conference

Jurgen Klopp spoke to the media on Monday ahead of the first leg quarter final in Madrid. 

  • Update on Trent Alexander Arnold

"For us it was not a character test or whatever. What we did was not two weeks working on how we can show Gareth Southgate that he was not right".

  • On the last time Liverpool played Real Madrid

"My motivation is on the highest level. It has nothing to do with 2018. When I got the draw of course I remembered the game. After the game if somebody asked me a month later would I invite Sergio Ramos to my birthday, I would have said No!". 

  • On the Champions League and Liverpool's chances

"Our team is built for these kind of games, where we face a football playing side. This is why we have a chance. Everybody says that Real Madrid is favourite? Great. They have no problem with that role, and we have no problem with the role of challenger".

  • On what Spanish side he suits best?

"Oh, I have to think! There are three good clubs. I would fit all of them but i have no time and my Spanish is really bad! Real Mallorca would be a nice place to live at least!". 

  • Is there a sense of revenge?

"We are not on a revenge tour here. I don't believe too much with revenge but it would be really nice to get through".