US Open 2018: Sharapova makes light work of Ostapenko to advance in New York

2006 US Open champion Maria Sharapova put away 10th seed Jelena Ostapenko to move on.

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Former US Open champion Maria Sharapova put away 10th seed Jelena Ostapenko 6-3, 6-2 in just one hour and 24 minutes under the bright lights of Arthur Ashe stadium to continue her progress in this year's tournament.

After their last match in Rome lasting 3 hours, this one on paper should have been more competitive but it was a masterclass performance from Sharapova.

Intense from the start

It was hard hitting from both women right at the start with great intensity being shown by both players, although Sharapova failed to capitalise on the 4 break point chances she had. 

It wasn't long however until the Russian was able to break with Sharapova doing it on Ostapenko's serve in the 3rd game to give her an early acceleration boost over the 10th seed. 

Some hard hitting from Sharapova earned her the hold to maintain a 3-1 lead, you felt this was going to be a match of power from both women. 

A costly double fault from the Latvian ensured Sharapova extended her lead by breaking again to 30 and go 4-1 up in the first, momentum firmly shifted in the Russian's corner. 

The inevitable did end up happening but surprisingly not on Sharapova's serve but on Ostapneko's with her powerful angled returns which the young 22-year-old Latvian had no answer too, first set wrapped up in just 45 minutes 6-3-advantage Sharapova.

Sharapova pushing for the win

It started off a strange second set not going to script with both Sharapova & Ostapenko losing their serves subsequently in the first and second game, it wasn't until the fifth game before the 22nd see managed to break again. 

The next game was another routinely service hold to 30 for the Russian sealed off with an ace and an emphatic come as Sharapova raced to a 5-2 lead. 

The last game brought no relief to Ostapenko and was a showcase of Sharapova's power, in this match showing the old Sharapova which won her so many titles.

As far as statistics go the unforced errors really cost Ostapenko with the Latvian racking up a staggering 27 of them, and only scoring 43 % on serve points won compared to Sharapova's impressive 81 %.