What is not clicking on SmackDown Live?
SmackDown may be falling down the wrong path

What is not clicking on SmackDown Live?

The Blue Brand has been a refreshing narrative infused product since the Brand Split but as of late the show has been less than inspired

Joel Lampkin

WWE will always have its up and its downs and the viewership will fluctuate accordingly - but are they approaching a breaking point on SmackDown Live?

The Blue Brand has been in friendly competition with Monday Night Raw since last year and has been producing a much more rounded product for the most part - but as late the same excitement has faded, with even calls for a former member of Degeneration X to step away from the creative design.

Got the blues?

SmackDown boasts a number of top stars (image: sportskeeda)

With a star studded brand including the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura, its hard to believe that a show could somehow become stale.

Following the cancellation of Talking Smack, there is a vague transformation from the Blue Brand with the product slowly drifting into a similar fashion to that of its competition in RAW.

However, the reasoning for the Shane McMahon commissioned show fading in buzz is much more complex than what is on the surface.

A weak champion...

Has the Jinder Mahal experiment failed( (daily ddt)

One of the biggest talking points in recent history was centred on the crowning of Jinder Mahal as WWE Champion, a controversial decision yet one that sparked an interest.

With The Maharaja holding the most prestigious championship in the promotion, it was hoped that it would revamp the interest in the product in India but this is still a work in progress.

Mahal seemingly went from jobber to champion overnight with the choice a public relations stunt that has led to a big return, in the form of one of India's biggest wrestling superstars The Great Khali.

This decision seemed to be a drastic one, but was done in order to further present the current WWE Champion as a major superstar within his represent nation.

Despite this continuance to present the 31-year-old as a major name, the popularity of the title picture has failed to take a similar effect with his recent feud with Orton lacking in hysteria.

Now with Nakamura and Cena entering the frame, it may achieve a spike in ratings and viewership but was it worth the gamble?

The show in the mirror

One thing that tended to separate Raw from SmackDown was its unique and realistic storytelling, with the Kurt Angle managed show tending to sway towards the extraordinary.

With Talking Smack, the show provided a unique way for superstars such as The Miz and Alexa Bliss to stand out and the recent cancellation is just one of the examples of a backwards step.

One of the most beloved parts of professional wrestling is the blurring of the lines between reality and fiction and by the reported choice of Vince McMahon that was taken away to fit his ideology of what professional wrestling in the WWE should be.

The question of what the difference between the two shows now is, should be replaced by what reasons do you have to watch either one, and given their increasing similarity the question begs even more.

The Cena effect

Even John Cena is no longer a reason to tune into SmackDown Live (image: the indian express)

One of the biggest drawing superstars in the company is the Face that Runs the Place John Cena but even the Leader of the Cenation may be spreading himself further - resulting in a lack of reasoning to tune in to the blue brand.

With the announcement that the 40-year-old is now a 'Free Agent' meaning he can freely compete across both brands there is even less of a need to tune in.

The veteran has freely admitted he will not compete beyond his years in WWE and with movies calling for his name he will not be around to provide a boost in ratings exclusively forever.