Score Novak Djokovic Vs Andy Murray Of The 2015 BNP Paribas Masters Final (2-0)

Score Novak Djokovic Vs Andy Murray Of The 2015 BNP Paribas Masters Final (2-0)

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Thank you for joining me for this match here on VAVEL. The recap of the match will be up shortly. This is Max Gao, signing off.

Closing thoughts: Djokovic started better against a somewhat lackluster Murray, and the world number one made him pay for it by winning the opening set 6-2. The second set was a much tighter affair, where Murray began to play some of the tennis that won him his two Grand Slam singles titles. However, he was unable to maintain that level for a long period of time and against the world's best, you just can't do that. Djokovic was rock solid apart from a few blips in the second set but overall, he was the better player in nearly every department and deserved to win in the end. The one thing that really stands out is the number of unforced errors Murray hit during this match. He hit 34 to Djokovic's 12, which means he hit nearly three times as many unforced errors as the world number one. All of those misses proved to be one of the deciding factors in this match.

Game, set and match, Novak Djokovic! He defeats Andy Murray 6-2, 6-4 to win his fourth title in Bercy. He also becomes the first man to win six ATP Masters 1000 singles titles in one season. Incredible.

40-15: Murray misses a backhand slice and Djokovic arrives at match point...

30-15: Backhand unforced error from Murray. Djokovic is now halfway there; two points down, two to go.

15-15: Backhand forced error from Djokovic.

15-0: Backhand forced error from Murray.

Murray holds! Djokovic will serve for the title. 5-4.

40-15: Another unforced error off of the return from Djokovic gives Murray two game points.

30-15: Djokovic makes a rare return unforced error.

15-15: Double fault from the world number two.

15-0: First point of the game goes to Murray...

Djokovic holds. He is just one game away from his fourth title at the Accorhotels Arena. *5-3

40-30: Big forehand return winner from Murray.

40-15: Another ace from Djokovic gives him two points for a 5-3 lead.

30-15: Murray misses an easy smash! That miss could come back to haunt him...

15-15: Backhand unforced error from Murray.

0-15: Djokovic just pulls a forehand down the line wide.

Djokovic breaks once more! He leads by a set and 4-3 now.

15-40: Another solid return off the first serve from the world number one keeps giving the second seed more trouble. Two break points for Djokovic to get his nose back in front.

15-30: Big forehand return from Djokovic leaves Murray flat-footed.

15-15: Nice volley into the open court from Murray. Great technique on the volley as well -- he kept his racquet in front and hit through the shot while moving forward.

0-15: Forehand unforced error from Murray.

Djokovic holds from 0-30 down. 3-3.

40-30: Great second serve from Djokovic gets him to game point.

30-30: Beautifully constructed point from Djokovic to set up an easy smash. He's pumped right now.

15-30: Umpire Cedric Mourier overrules Murray's forehand return that was called in. No challenge from the second seed.

0-30: Brilliant stuff from Murray right now. He has really picked his level up in the last five minutes.

0-15: Backhand unforced error from Djokovic.

Djokovic was just indictating to his box that something is bothering him above his left shoulder. The trainer is courtside too...

Murray holds! 3-2.

AD-40: Great tennis from Murray. He is able to go toe-to-toe with Djokovic point after point now.

40-40: Murray saves a break point with some world-class tennis -- big serve followed by a big backhand.

30-40: Murray just squeezed a backhand wide.

30-30: Relentless tennis from Djokovic eventually wins him the point, despite Murray's best efforts.

30-15: Murray puts away a tough smash.

15-15: Big serve from Murray. He's getting increasingly vocal as the match progresses.

0-15: Poor drop shot from Murray and Djokovic was on it in a flash to hit an easy forehand putaway.

Murray breaks! 2-2.

0-40: Djokovic was looking for a call but it never came and it ended up costing him the point. Could that misjudgement come back to haunt him?

0-30: Great play from Murray -- he used his forehand cross-court to open up the court and followed it up with an easy forehand down the line.

0-15: Forehand forced error from Murray.

Djokovic breaks for 2-1! This is beginning to look like a case of déjà-vu...

30-40: Murray misses the mark with another ground stroke. Break point, Djokovic.

30-30: Another ace from Murray.

15-30: Great return from Djokovic.

15-15: Backhand unforced error from Murray.

15-0: Murray turns defence into attack and hits a big forehand winner cross-court. Djokovic is furious with himself.

Djokovic holds. 1-1.

40-15: Another big serve from the world number one.

30-15: Djokovic puts away an easy volley.

15-15: Good urgency from Murray -- he opened up the court with a backhand cross court and immediately ran to the net to put away the volley.

15-0: Effortless forehand winner down the line from Djokovic.

Murray hits his second ace of the match to hold in the opening game of the second set.

AD-40: Nice serve from Murray. He desperately needs to get more first serves in.

40-40: Clever play from Djokovic to push this game to deuce again.

AD-40: Big serve from Murray sets up an easy putaway for the second seed.

40-40: Great, proactive tennis from Murray to get himself out of trouble. He will need to win more of those points if he wants to win his first title in Bercy.

40-AD: Murray hits another backhand into the net. Danger is looming for the Brit now...

40-40: Nice smash from Djokovic to push this game to deuce.

40-30: First double fault from Murray.

40-15: Djokovic just misses a backhand passing shot down the line.

30-15: Nice one-two punch from Murray.

15-15: Third ace of the match for Murray.

0-15: Forehand unforced error from the second seed.

Murray will serve to start the second set.

Murray hits another backhand unforced error and Djokovic takes the opening set 6-2 in 42 minutes.

40-30: First ace from Djokovic gets him his first set point.

30-30: Forehand unforced error from Murray.

15-30: Clever little drop shot from Murray wins him the point.

15-15: Rare backhand unforced error from Djokovic.

15-0: Murray misses a forehand return.

A big serve from Murray set the point up beautifully but he hits a forehand smack into the middle of the net. Djokovic breaks, and now leads 5-2.

30-40: Murray misses a relatively easy forehand to give Djokovic another look at a double break.

30-30: Backhand unforced error from Murray.

30-15: Another big serve from Murray.

15-15: Murray's serve is called long but Djokovic gives him the point. He knew it was in. Great sportsmanship.

0-15: Murray misses an inside out backhand. He has twice as many unforced errors as Djokovic right now.

Easy hold to love for Djokovic extends his lead to 4-2.

40-0: Another big serve from Djokovic gives himself three game points.

30-0: Forehand forced error from Murray.

15-0: Big serve down the T from Djokovic.

Djokovic completely mishits a forehand into the net and Murray holds! The world number one still has the one-break advantage, and currently leads 3-2.

AD-40: Another big serve from Murray gives him another game point. Can he take it?

40-40: Nice drop volley winner from Murray.

40-AD: Incredible forehand cross court angle from Djokovic leaves Murray flat-footed.

40-40: Big serve out wide from Murray.

40-AD: Great passing shot from Djokovic gets him another break point.

40-40: Not enough on the drop volley from Murray and Djokovic was on it in a flash -- he ripped a backhand into the open court.

AD-40: Better serve from Murray forces a forehand forced error from Djokovic.

40-40: Loose forehand from Djokovic keeps Murray alive in this game.

40-AD: Murray just overpressing a little bit. He makes another forehand unforced error to give Djokovic a look at a double break.

40-40: Backhand unforced error from Murray.

40-30: TENNIS! What a rally. Djokovic misses a forehand after a 20+ shot rally where both men were running from side-to-side and up and down the court.

30-30: Forehand unforced error from Murray.

30-15: Murray goes for the drop shot (again!). But this time, Djokovic was ready and created a superb angle that Murray was unable to successfully retrive.

30-0: The Brit throws in another surprise drop shot and the Serb just misses the return.

15-0: Another grueling rally goes the way of Murray. Sensational tennis from both men.

Murray just misses the mark with a forehand down the line. Djokovic holds and now leads 3-1.

AD-40: Great play from Djokovic. He earns himself another game point.

40-40: A long 24-shot rally goes the way of Murray as he throws in a surprise drop shot after running Djokovic from side-to-side.

40-30: Forehand unforced error from Murray.

30-30: Unforced error from Djokovic gives Murray a half-chance.

30-15: Murray looked like he successfully chased down a drop shot and hit a backhand winner down the line, but after Djokovic challenged, it was determined that that shot was out. Great challenge from the top seed.

15-15: Great defense from Murray but he dumps one of his easiest shots of the rally into the net.

0-15: Forehand forced error from Djokovic. Murray needs to rush the Serb's forehand more.

Djokovic breaks as Murray hits a backhand passing shot into the net. What a start it has been for the world number one! He leads 2-1.

0-40: Djokovic uses his crosss-court backhand to open up the court before delivering a scorching forehand down the line, that Murray can't return.

0-30: Murray is forced to change direction quickly to return a backhand but he dumps it into the middle of the net.

0-15: Forehand unforced error from Murray.

Djokovic holds. 1-1.

40-0: Forehand unforced error from Murray.

30-0: Backhand unforced error from Murray.

15-0: Nice one-two punch from the world number one.

Great passing shot from Murray dips to Djokovic's feet, the world number one can only hit up and the Brit easily hit a forehand passing shot winner. Murray holds to serve to begin this match.

40-15: Unforced error from DjokovicMurray is doing well to neutralize Djokovic's positioning with his serve and groundstrokes at the moment.

30-15: Big serve down the T from Murray.

15-15: Long 20-shot rally between the two goes the way of Djokovic -- Murray hits a slice into the net.

15-0: Forehand cross-court from Djokovic just misses the mark.

First set. Andy Murray to serve. Ready? Play.

Murray won the toss and has elected to serve first.

The players have arrived on court and are currently warming up.

If Murray wins this final, he will secure the year-end world number two ranking. If Djokovic wins, he will win an unprecedented 10th title of the season.

If Djokovic wants to win his 22nd ATP Masters 1000 title, he will have to bring his A game because judging by the way Murray has played this week, this encounter could get sticky if the world number one isn't at his best. His game is already good enough to beat Murray on any given day, but it's just a matter of whether or not he can bring it when it really matters. If Murray wants to tie Roger Federer with a 10th ATP Masters 1000 title, he will have to play like he did in Montreal by opening up the court and by going deep and flat to Djokovic's forehand. The Serb has great stability when trying to counter-attack with his backhand, but his forehand can break down if he has to return a hard and flat ball. A prime example of this is when Berdych played Djokovic earlier this week -- the Czech hit a lot of deep and flat balls to the Serb's forehand, and he was able to win the majority of the points when using that strategy.

This will be Djokovic and Murray's 30th meeting on the ATP World Tour, where the Serb currently leads the head-to-head 20-9. Their last meeting came in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago, where the world number one dismantled the world number three 6-1, 6-3 in just over an hour. Djokovic's game seems to work really well against Murray because he possesses all the strengths that the Brit does, and he has little to no weaknesses. Murray likes to be aggressive but against a superb defender in Djokovic, he often tends to overpress when in the prime position to finish a point, which has come back to haunt him. Murray's last win came in Montreal this past summer where he won 6-4, 4-6, 6-3. On that day, he played incredibly well and Djokovic wasn't necessarily at his best. He was able to open up the angles of the court beautifully and was able to stay with the world number one mentally, which is critical if you have the desire to win.

After getting a bye in the opening round, Djokovic looked rusty but came through against the dangerous Thomaz Bellucci 7-5, 6-3. In the following round, things didn't get much easier for the Serb as he defeated Gilles Simon 6-3, 7-5, after being broken an astounding four times in the second set. Despsite not playing his best, Djokovic was able to play the important points better, which ultimately won him two matches that he could have very well lost if he didn't have the same belief in himself as he does now. In the quarter finals, Djokovic had to play the important points even better when facing fifth seed Tomas BerdychBerdych competed extremely well and really should have won at least a set, but Djokovic was able to play some of his best tennis of the message when under pressure. In a match with no breaks, both men served extremely well and there were some grueling rallies but in the end, it was Djokovic's high percentage play that did the damage. A few costly unforced errors from the Czech at the wrong time handed the Serb a couple of opportunities, which he took without blinking twice. In the end, it was Djokovic who was able to defeat Berdych 7-6(3), 7-6(8) in one of the most high quality matches of the week. Less than 24 hours later, the world number one was back on-court to face Stanislas Wawrinka in the semi final. The last time these two met in the French capital, Wawrinka won in four sets to capture his second Grand Slam singles title. However, that match was on clay -- a surface that favours Wawrinka more than Djokovic -- and this time, they were facing off on a fast indoor hard court, which the Serb greatly enjoys. For the first set and a half, the top seed played some sublime tennis before the fourth seed hit back to level the match at a set apiece. But in the end, it was Djokovic who was able to play a flawless third set to win the match 6-3, 3-6, 6-0. As a result, he advanced to the showpiece against Murray.

Arriving in Paris, Djokovic looked hungry to close out a career-best season with another title in the French capital and the title at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. A three-time champion at the Accorhotels Arena, the world number one looked at home on the indoor hard courts that really suit his game.

Murray's opponent will be none other than world number one Novak Djokovic. The Serb is on the homestretch of a career best season, which has seen him break numerous records, as well as win three of the four Grand Slams during this calendar season. Now with more than a 7,000 point lead over world number two Roger Federer, Djokovic is undoubtedly the king of men's tennis right now, whether you like it or not.

After getting a bye in the opening round, Murray cruised into the quarter finals, losing a total of four games to Borna Coric and David Goffin. In the quarters, the world number three survived his first test of the tournament, defeating home favourite Richard Gasquet 7-6(7), 3-6 6-3 in a match that could have gone either way. As a result, he was through to the semi finals for the first time in Bercy. With that win and boost of confidence under his belt, the Brit continued to play well as he had to save numerous break points before defeating the patient and persistent David Ferrer 6-4, 6-3.

When he arrived in Paris, Murray was looking to put in a solid performance at the Accorhotels Arena. Coming into this event, the Brit had never advanced past the quarter finals in eight visits to the Parisian tournament.

Andy Murray has had a great week in Bercy, dropping just one set en route to the final. After sending Great Britain into the Davis Cup final for the first time in decades, there has been much talk about whether or not this will be his last tournament before the big season finale for the worldwide team event. Murray has already qualified for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, and if he chose to omit that event from his schedule, he could face a big fine. After much careful thought and consideration, Murray decided he would play the prestigeous event in London before the Davis Cup final. (Side note: The Davis Cup final will be played on an indoor clay court, which caused Murray to re-think his schedule considering he would have to transition from a fast indoor hard court to an indoor clay court in the span of a couple of days.)

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the BNP Paribas Masters Men's Singles final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray! I'm Max Gao, and I am happy to bring you point-by-point coverage of the final here on VAVEL. From now until the match begins at 3 PM local time (9 AM EST), news and notes will be posted to get you up to speed. Be sure to return at match time for point-by-point updates!