Time is ticking on Henderson's return to the Blades
Dean Henderson's future is still hanging in the balance. (Photo: Getty Images/`George Wood)

Dean Henderson was last season such a huge part of Sheffield United's promotion campaign and it remains to be seen whether he will be allowed the chance to prove he can take the step up from the Championship to the Premier League

Following the Blades promotion, he then returned back to his parent club Manchester United - most assumed he would be making a swift return on loan again to pick up where he left off between the sticks at Bramall Lane.

Messy situation

What has happened since then has quite frankly just been a mess. A desire from the player and both clubs to return should have made this a very easy deal to wrap up in the early part of summer. 

Instead, United sit around 2 weeks from the start of the season nowhere close to an outcome. 

A number of factors have played a part in delaying the proposed move, those being; David de Gea's ongoing contract dispute, Henderson's participation in the U21 Championships and most importantly the financial aspects of the deal.

As Wilder has said in recent interviews, the football people involved in the move want to make it happen, the non-football people are holding it up.

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The powers above over in Manchester are holding out for a hefty loan fee for Henderson believed to be in the region of £2-4m along with the Blades paying the bulk of his new bumper contract he is about to sign with them rumoured to be worth around £50k a week.

That would highlight a significant investment for the Blades, an investment that on one hand will give them an assured, passionate and highly talented goalkeeper - but on the other hand, nothing to show for that investment at the end of the year in the form of assets to the club. 

Many would argue that the investment into Henderson could in fact go some way to securing Premier League safety - but Sheffield United in Chris Wilder's words, are not a "boom or bust" club and will only take highly calculated risks whilst Wilder is at the helm.

Clock is ticking

In a recent interview following the Blades 5-0 victory away at Chesterfield, Wilder stated he is willing to give the deal only a few more days to progress before he turns his attention to other options.

All Blades fans are likely to want Henderson back but there comes a point where the desire to get him back to the club needs to be replaced with the practicality of having a goalkeeper read to start the Premier League campaign as the Blades number 1 - whether that is Simon Moore or someone else.

Should the move not happen, the only person who is likely to suffer is Henderson - even at this point, he is sat without a pre-season under his belt. If United turn their backs on the deal it's unlikely another club will stump up the funds ahead of the new season.