Pochettino admits it is going to be a 'long season' following humilation against Bayern
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Mauricio Pochettino told the media it will be a 'long season' at Tottenham Hotspur following a dreadful start to the season. 

Spurs were embarrassed at home to Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday in a 2-7 humiliation. 

Questions surround the Argentine's future but the Spurs boss insists his squad 'must stay together'. 

Stay together

Spurs took the lead inside 12 minutes through Heung-min Son but failed to capitalise on their dominance and trailed 1-2 come to the break. 

However, the second half saw Spurs capitulate to a clinical Bayern with former Arsenal man Serge Gnabry single-handedly running the Spurs defence ragged. 

"It's difficult to talk now. I say nothing. It's a moment to stay all together," said Pochettino.  

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"You can imagine that we can't talk now because it's a situation where we need to be calm first. After that, we will talk tomorrow, not today.

"Today is a moment where we all know how we feel, very disappointed. The feelings, of course, are not so good. Now it's a moment to be calm and not make a mistake. After a result like today, it's very important to stay calm. We are not going to fix anything by shouting or talking now when the emotion is on the skin."

Can Pochettino stop this Spurs rot?

Pochettino has revolutionised Spurs since his arrival in 2014 but the highs experienced in reaching the Champions League final back in June seem a distant past in contrast to Tuesday's overwhelming defeat. 

"The most important thing is to move from this type of situation. Of course, to assess always the team, assess our players is the most difficult job for us," Pochettino said following the defeat. 

Harry Kane's second-half penalty gave the Lilywhites a glimmer of hope as he reduced the deficit to 2-4 but the German's then went up a gear to kill the game off. 

"I think after five years, our sixth season here, I think to be clear and to try to of course work like always, trying to give solutions to the players. I think we are very critical with ourselves and always try to find a way to fix the problem.

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"We need to try to work and move on. It's more psychological now and to move on with no damage between us, the most important thing now is to have one idea, one analysis, one assessment and stick with that and from there start to improve.

"Now it's important to stay calm and not rush to analyse, not rush to make a judgement, not rush to assess. It's so important to take a few hours to see what happened."