Could Paige be on her way out of WWE?
WWE wrestler Paige

Rumors have been flying lately, as they usually do anywhere. Lately, WWE’s Paige has had the spotlight as numerous rumors spread about her and her future in the WWE. Going back to the beginning of the past summer Paige was said to have been arrested while in Las Vegas after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

It was later revealed that Paige was just detained by police but not arrested. Then recently rumors passed through social media that Paige’s absence from television is due to her being on bad terms with WWE. Paige’s mother,  Saraya Knight took to her own Twitter to set the record straight that Paige’s absence was due to her recovering from an injury. The latest of Paige rumors is that she is treading in hot water and could be on her way out of the company.

Rocky road   

Last Spring, it was revealed that Paige and WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio were dating and not only are there fans who are in disbelief, but word has it that WWE disapproves of the couple. Currently, both wrestlers are on suspension for violation of WWE’s health and wellness policy. There has been speculated that after his suspension is up, Alberto Del Rio will most likely leave the company. Speculations haven’t been made about Paige as she is under contract with the company for a few more years. However, recent reports have led some to believe that Paige will also be leaving WWE.  

Del Rio's gone and Paige might be next

Former Ring of Honor and EVOLVE commentator, Mister Saint Laurent discussed the relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige during his latest podcast with Kevin Sullivan. He stated that WWE’s Mark Carrano, whom fans are familiar with from Total Divas, approached both Paige and Del Rio individually and expressed his opinion of their relationship. Carrano is said to have harassed Del Rio and Paige and indicated that they should end their romantic relationship.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio. Photo credit:
Paige and Alberto Del Rio. Photo credit:

WWE unapproved 

It is quite possible that this is why photos of the couple “mysteriously” were deleted from Paige’s Instagram account. Laurent also stated that WWE’s dislike of the couple is also why they were split up in the draft. WWE doesn’t want the two together and they designed a way to separate them where the relationship is strained and WWE could deny any accusations made towards them on their motive. Laurent is quoted to saying, “They split them up in the draft by design and they threatened to fire Paige if she didn’t break up with Del Rio.”  

It is highly understandable if the couple doesn’t want to work for WWE. It isn’t uncommon for wrestlers to date each other and there currently are numerous couples in WWE. There’s John Cena and Nikki Bella, Big Cass and Carmella, and that’s just a few on the list. So why is it so wrong for Del Rio and Paige to be dating? Yes, Del Rio is legally still married but has been separated from his wife for about two years now, if that. This shouldn’t be a reason for WWE to want the two to break up since Del Rio use to date Charlotte last year. If WWE’s reasoning is that it doesn’t want to be associated with infidelity then it’s rolling in hypocrisy considering ten years ago the company banked on the Lita/Edge/Matt Hardy love triangle.   

Not the end of them

Del Rio is well established in another promotion and Paige is still so young. If it is true that Paige will be leaving, then it is very unfortunate to see her go. She has so much potential to cement herself in the future of the company and so many accolades to accomplish. Fans now sit in wait to see what happens next for the Anti-Diva.