Bridgit Dunahee
Bridgit Dunahee
I am from St. Louis, Mo so obviously I am a Cardinals fan. I am a huge wrestling fan and have gotten into a few other sports as well.
Crown Jewel  banner.  Photo credit: 

WWE Crown Jewel Sparks Controversy 

WWE's newest pay-per-view took place amongst a sea of controversy. Why did the company continue doing an event that even the U.S government was against?...

Evolution  photo credit: 

Is the WWE Ready for Evolution?

WWE Evolution happens this weekend but their track record raises a few questions. Will the women perform to their full potential?...

Ronda Rousey debuting in her first match in the WWE.  Photo credit:`

Ronda Rousey Must Turn Heel Immediately

Ronda Rousey mean mugged each and every one of her opponents in Judo and in MMA. Now that she's part of the WWE roster, this might be the right time to see...

The Bulgarian Brute RUSEV    photo credit:

Could Rusev Possibly Leave WWE?

Rusev took to Twitter his thoughts about being removed from a match with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia. Fans are now starting to wonder if there...

Rey Mysterio makes his way to ring at the 2018 Royal Rumble    photo credit: WWE

Rey Mysterio to return to WWE

Fans were happy to see Rey Mysterio enter this year's Royal Rumble after not seeing him in a WWE ring since 2015. Was this appearance a teas...

Rhonda Rousey intimidates Stephanie McMahon at the signing of her contract, could there be a match between the two at Wrestlemania.    Photo credit:

Rumored Matches for Wrestlemania 34

Wrestlemania 34 keeps moving forward and matches are getting revealed the closer it comes. So far fans know of three confirmed matches to take place on the gran...

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal confronting the current United States Champion.   Photo credit:

Jinder Mahal Demoted

Jinder Mahal has accomplished both little and glorious pushes while wrestling in the WWE. After making an amazing comeback with his second go in with the compan...

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