Calum Chambers will come back to Arsenal ready to fight for his place

At the start of this season, Arsenal defender Calum Chambers was sent out on loan to Middlesbrough.

It was a strange call from Arsene Wenger to favour the fellow defender, Rob Holding over Chambers.

According to Sky Sports reports, Calum Chambers is looking at his come back as a chance to develop himself as a starter. With Arsenal's problems at the back in recent years, the young defender could be the answer to their problems.

In an interview, Chambers said "This season has been so important for me playing as a centre back. The experience I have gained in that position just from playing is so valuable to me"

Change of formation

Coming towards the tail-end of last season, Arsenal switched to a back three, as appose to their usual back four.

This system benefits ball-playing centre backs, who are comfortable in possession but are also spatially aware, Chambers comes under this type of player.

We've seen how much the system benefits Holding, but we'll wait and see just how much it benefits his English counterpart, Chambers.

Youth vs Experience

Despite their recent shortcomings at the back, Arsenal do have a vast array of central defenders, ranging in ages. We've seen over the years just how important Laurent Koscielny is to the side with settling in new defenders.

It wouldn't be a surprise if Wenger uses this to Calum's advantage. Well, we all saw what happened the last time Chambers played for Arsenal without the experience of Koscielny or Mertesacker.

Also, Shkodran Mustafi, who signed from Arsenal in the Summer, is now settled in after getting a season under his belt. Learning from two world cup winners will only enhance the growth of both Holding and Chambers.

European experience

Playing at Arsenal football, you can almost guarantee to play European football each season. Despite them falling short of a Champions League place, Chambers will look at the Europa League as a chance to establish himself.

It's still unclear what Arsene Wenger's approach to the Europa League will be but, one thing's for sure, there will certainly be a lot more youth played than he has done in the Champions League.