AS IT HAPPENED: Serbia 10-9 Spain Waterpolo Tokyo 2020
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8:07 AMa month ago


The live broadcast of the men's water polo semifinals of Tokyo 2020 comes to its end. It has been a pleasure to be able to transmit live the great game with which both teams have delighted us. I say goodbye with a bittersweet taste but with great pride.

Best regards and see you next time!

8:04 AMa month ago

Let´s get the bronze

It could not be these Olympic Games but the national team has proven to be one of the best in the world competing against the reigning champions on a one on one basis.

They will not be able to bring home the gold as they did in Atlanta 1992 but they can bring home the bronze. They almost made history so they should not lower their heads. 

You have fought until the end!

7:57 AMa month ago

Serbia to the final

Serbia won the game 10-9 and goes to the final against Greece. Spain let the game slip away in the last quarter with a painful ending.

They will play against Hungary for the bronze medal.

7:53 AMa month ago

Filipovic scores with 30 seconds left (10-9).

Last chance for Spain to take the match to penalties. Filipovic's left-footed shot puts his team ahead.
7:51 AMa month ago

Third goal for Mandic (9-9)

Mandic scores a hattrick as he nails them as if nothing happened. He takes advantage of every opportunity to score a great goal.
7:50 AMa month ago

8-9 for Spain!

It is now Tahull who scores the ninth goal by taking advantage of the Serbian goalkeeper's poor start! 2 minutes left!
7:48 AMa month ago

Mitrovic ties the match (8-8)

2:20 to go and Stefan Mitrovic ties the game to get them into the match and boost their motivation.
7:46 AMa month ago

Mandic does not forgive! (7-8)

In the following play he returns the goal scored by Spain. He does not forgive that he does not want the game to go away for his team!
7:44 AMa month ago

Goal after VAR review! (6-8)

The referee had to go to the VAR to review the shot that Pijetlovic cleared with the ball already in.
7:40 AMa month ago

Game over for Prlainovic

Third time he is sent off so the number 11 has to say goodbye to the match and suffer from the bench.
7:35 AMa month ago

Third quarter ends, one to go

Rasovic scored with three seconds left to cut the score, leaving the team alive for the last quarter.

Everything will be decided in the last quarter, Serbia 5-7 Spain!

7:32 AMa month ago

And another one for Spain! SER 4-7 SPA

They pull away from the Serbians after scoring again! They are already three ahead and getting closer and closer to the final.
7:30 AMa month ago

What a great goal by Granados Ortega!

Granados Ortega smashes it making it impossible to the Serbian goalkeeper taking advantage of the tenth superiority over Serbia. What a goal! Two ahead.
7:26 AMa month ago

Lopez Pinedo's save on the goal line!

Mitrovic with his back turned shot dangerously but without power. The goalkeeper was attentive and had time to rectify.
7:22 AMa month ago

Third quarter begins

The game restarts and the third quarter begins. Serbia wins the sprint and has possession.
7:21 AMa month ago

Halftime at the Tatsumi!

Spain is ahead at halftime by 4-5. They woke up in the second quarter to turn the tables with Munarriz Egana and Lopez Pinedo as protagonists.
7:18 AMa month ago

Goal for Serbia! Goal by Jaksic. SRB 4-5 ESP

Nikola Jaksic scores in the last play of the second quarter to make it a one-goal difference at halftime!
7:16 AMa month ago

Munarriz goal, again!

A great goal by Munarriz Egana who takes advantage of the double expulsion! Spain leads 3-5 with half a minute to go before the break.
7:13 AMa month ago

Mandic closes the gap, 3-4!

He put in a rocket impossible for Lopez Pinedo. Spain with double expulsion could not stop the Serbian attack.
7:11 AMa month ago

Perrona Rocha makes it 2-4

And another Spanish goal! This time Perrone Rocha with a right-handed shot. A partial of 4-0 in this second quarter for Martin Lozano's team.
7:10 AMa month ago

Lopez Pinedo continues to do his thing

The goalkeeper is still at his best, stopping everything that comes his way, what a goalkeeper! 4:00 left.
7:09 AMa month ago

Goal by Tahull! Spain comes back!

In a matter of minutes, Spain has turned the score around! Alone against Pijetlovic and without thinking twice, he puts it in to put Spain ahead for the first time on the scoreboard!
7:07 AMa month ago

Bustos Sanchez equalizes for Spain

Spain ties the match after a bad defensive play by the Serbians. They did not follow Bustos Sanchez and the Spaniard put it in at will.
7:05 AMa month ago

Spain's goal! Goal by Munarriz

The Spaniards were rapid and took advantage of an attacking foul by the Serbians to mount a counterattack. They close the gap!
7:03 AMa month ago

End of the first quarter, SRB 2-0 SPA

Serbia leads by two at the end of the first quarter proving their physical power and defensive skills. Spain has not been able to overcome the Balkan wall and will have much to improve if they want to win.
7:00 AMa month ago

Serbia goal, 2-0

Prlainovic extends the score. Serbia is taking advantage of the superiority.
6:59 AMa month ago

Goal for Serbia! Goal by Filipovic

Filip Filipovic opens the scoring with his golden left arm. As we said in the preview, this player is going to cause problems.
6:56 AMa month ago

Another from Lopez Pinedo

That's two saves already by the Hispanic goalkeeper who has started the match in the best possible way!
6:53 AMa month ago

First superiority for Serbia

Munarriz Egana goes out of the court for two minutes and the Serbians almost take advantage of it to convert the first one.
6:51 AMa month ago

The match begins!

The swimmers swim to the middle of the court and it is the Spaniards who get the ball. First possession of the match!
6:47 AMa month ago

Blue cap for Spain, white for Serbia

As in the group stage match, Spain will play with the blue cap whilst Serbia will play with the white cap.
6:45 AMa month ago

The anthems are being played!

The anthems are played in the aquatic center. First goes Serbia and then Spain. The game starts in five minutes, let's go Spain!
6:41 AMa month ago

Squad list is announced

David Martín has chosen his 12 warriors for this semifinal:

Goalkeeper: Daniel López Pinedo.
Center: Martin Famera and Alejandro Bustos.

Lateral: Alberto Munarriz, Alvaro Granados, Bernat Sanahuja, Marc Larumbe, Fran Fernández, Felipe Perrone and Blai Mallarach.

Buoy: Miguel de Toro, Roger Tahull.

6:40 AMa month ago

Greece awaits opponent!

Greece defeated Hungary in the other semifinal by 9-6. They will be watching this match to find out their opponent in the final.
7:44 PMa month ago

Don't miss the start of the match

In a few moments we will provide the starting line-ups for both Serbia and Spain, as well as the latest news as it emerges throughout the day.

Don't miss this great match that both teams are going to give us. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute coverage live online on VAVEL.

7:39 PMa month ago

Where and how to watch Serbia vs Spain live online

This water polo semifinal of the Olympic Games can be seen on Eurosport from 18:50 ET (19:50 pm in Japan).
7:33 PMa month ago

Follow Granados Ortega closely

The 22 year old boy is one of the sensations of the tournament. Despite his age, he is already 1.92 meters and his size allows him to give his opponents a tough battle. The responsibility does not weigh him down as he is the top scorer of the Spanish national team.

7:28 PMa month ago

Follow Filipovic closely

Filip Filipovic is putting in some superb performances on the aquatic court. At 34 years of age, he is the top scorer of the Serbian team with 12 goals, leading his national team to another semifinal.

He is one of the best in his national team, if not the best, and has trophies for best player of the season in his trophy cabinet. Filip Filipovic. Photo:

7:23 PMa month ago

Previous clashes

Spain and Serbia are top teams in this sport and have faced each other several times in recent years. Spain comes out favored looking at recent results but this at this point is worthless.

Most recently at these Olympic Games when Spain defeated Serbia by the narrowest of margins. And previously at the World Cup when they defeated the Balkans in the quarterfinals.

However, the Serbs beat the Spaniards in the final of the 2018 European Championship and in the quarterfinals of Rio 2016.

7:18 PMa month ago

Serbia want their second consecutive final

Serbia has a golden generation of gold. After winning gold in the last Olympics, they are looking to get into the final again in the fight for the gold but Spain will not make it easy for them.

7:13 PMa month ago

Spain seeks gold

To remember the last time they reached an Olympic final, you would have to go back to Atlanta 1996 when they won their first and only gold at the Olympic Games.
7:08 PMa month ago

More than a semifinal

Two greats of the sport are facing each other in the semifinals of the Olympic Games.

The trophy cabinet of both is to admire. The home team have the 2014, 2016 and 2018 European Championships and the Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal in their trophy cabinet. While Spain is the reigning runner-up of Europe in 2018 and 2020 and the 2019 World Cup.

7:03 PMa month ago

Welcome to´s coverage of the Waterpolo semifinal: Serbia vs Spain Live Updates!

My name is Carlos Acosta and I´ll be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, score updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL.

The match will be played at 18:50 ET at the Tatsumi Aquatic Center. Both national teams are serious contenders for the gold medal but only one of them will go through to the final.