Scotland-Estonia, how we lived it
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FINAL Strachan and Mulgrew's return to Aberdeen has proved them well. The manager got the first victory under his belt while the Celtic player scored his first goal as a full international. The second half didn't show much more than the first one. The lack of competitive action proved key for both teams, the Estonians closed down well defensively and the Scots didn't try too hard in attack. The real games will return in March, when Scotland play Wales at Hampden, then we'll have Strachan's first real test as a Scotland manager. Until then, we can only wait. That's all from me today, I hope that you have enjoyed with Scotland's first win in 2013.

90+2' Attacking throw-in for Scotland. Estonia get a costless kick and get their last chance to draw. But the Scots head the ball out of danger. Full time.

90' Added time: 3 minutes.

89' Nice touches down the right between Hutton and Snodgrass. The cross isn't up to it, but Kenny Miller collects it. Finally, the Estonians clear the ball out of danger.

88' Once again, Scotland build up well... only to fail at the end. Good passes until the ball reaches Rhodes, his miscontrol puts the possible chance to an end.

21:29. Wales are 2-1 in front against Austria while Slovakia has equalised in Brussels (1-1).

81' Jordan Rhodes receives a good pass from McArthur, but his control flatters to deceive. It will be difficult to see another goal tonight... both teams are very physical and leave no space in defense.

79' We won't be able to do lots of judgements today. Scotland are still in front, but their hunger has diminished considerably during the second half.

77' Scotland get another set piece opportunity. 25 yards from Pareiko's goal. Mulgrew and Snodgrass take a look at the ball. The Norwich City midfielder shots... over the bar.

75' Kris Commons is on to replace Steven Naismith.

72' Scotland-based Henrik Ojamaa is replaced by Kams. Kris Commons will be Scotland's last substitution tonight.

71' Mulgrew's fierce shot from the left edge of the box is parried away by Pareiko. Corner for Scotland.

70' The second half's pace has really slowed down. The series of changes have disrupted the rhythm Scotland had during some lapses in the first half. Estonia could score an equaliser if the game continues like this.

67' Kenny Miller replaces Steven Fletcher.

65' Scotland get a foul outside the box. 25 yards from Estonia's goal. Mulgrew's shot goes way over the bar. Ambitious attempt, less impressive result.

63' Naismith unleashes a shot from 20 yards, it goes over the bar.

61' Adam is off, McArthur is on. Brown's off, Morrison is on. Some rest for the captain, who will have to play against Juventus next week with Celtic.

59' Luts enters the pitch to replace Kink. James McArthur and James Morrison will be joining the action soon.

58' A hopeful goal is controlled by Rhodes, whose shot goes off target. Great control.

56' Taamo Kink is booked. Tuniste will have to receive some treatment after a clash with Alan Hutton.

54' Same characters, different outcome. Charlie Adam's cross from a costless-kick ends in Mulgrew's feet, but his touch can't find the net as Pareiko catches the ball comfortably.

51' Snodgrass shot from close range isn't powerful enough to trouble Pareiko. He was in a great position, but his attempt wasn't so good.

50' Morozov is booked for a foul on Jordan Rhodes, who was trying to control a long ball directed to him. Charlie Adam's set piece can't find anyone.

49' Scotland are showing a more direct approach during this second half. The target: Jordan Rhodes.

46' Shaun Maloney has been replaced by Jordan Rhodes during the half time. Burke has made way for Robert Snodgrass. Meanwhile, Estonia has introduced Ahjupera to replace Andreas Oper.

20:38. Scotland's group A rivals are also playing friendlies today. These are some of the results right now:

Wales 1-0 Austria. Gareth Bale put the Welshmen in front on the 21st minute.

Belgium 1-0 Slovakia. Eden Hazard's penalty has been the difference between both teams in Brussels.

FYR Macedonia 3-0 Denmark. The Macedonians beat the Danes with three goals in less than 30 minutes.

Croatia 4-0 South Korea. The Croations brushed off the South Koreans: Mandzukic, Serna, Jelavic and Petric were the scorers of an impressive team that look on its way through the World Cup if they keep the same form in official matches.

HALF TIME Gordon Strachan's reign started in a really good mood as the Scots pressed up the pitch and created a string of chances during the opening ten minutes. As the time passed, the Estonians grew a bit and could have been in front had Tunesti or Kink been more deadly up front. But the game had a Scottish goal written on it when Charlie Mulgrew scored with a powerful shot after a fine pass from Charlie Adam. The centre-back scored a similar goal with Celtic against Inverness CT earlier this season. Happy first half for the Scots, in front, in posession and fairly comfortable against a team whose failure to string passes together has put them in a difficult position against a Scottish team whose problems are, more or less, the same when they face the Belgiums, Serbias and Croatias of this world.

45+1' Half time break.

45' Added time: 1 minute.

44' Steven Naismith assist for his counterpart Steven Fletcher was too powerful and the Estonians get the ball back.

41' Scotland get a corner after Hutton's cross is cleared. Mulgrew's cross goes past Pareiko's jump, but Berra fails to head it home. Wasted chance for Scotland.

38' GOAAAAAAALLLLLL! CHARLIE MULGREW SCORES! Adam's low cross is fired past Pareiko by the Celtic's centre-back. Here it is, the first goal for the Strachan era. The visitors' defense was a tad too slow and left Mulgrew unmarked.

37' Morozov fouls Maloney on the left, near Estonia's area. Another opportunity for Scotland in the set piece scenario.

36' Burke is fouled by Tunesti down the right flank. Mulgrew's costless kick ends in an attacking throw-in for Scotland.

34' The Estonian's share of posession is growing as the minutes pass. Puri's cross from the right hand side is cleared by the defense, but the nerves are in the Scottish minds everytime a cross is directed to their box.

31' Some nervy moments for Scotland as a great pass leaves Kink alone in front of McGregor, the Scots' keeper gets the danger away and the final shot from the Estonians' is deflected by a home defender.

29' Scotland's cross from the right hand side goes over the head of Steven Naismith. The Scots try to keep the fire alive up front. Every time Burke appears, some danger is seconds away from happening.

27' Tuniste unleashes a shot from long range and nearly causes a scare to the home fans. The ball was in the good direction but the Estonian's shot goes over the bar.

25' Steven Naismith is fouled by Musnikov. Berra and Webster go up to head a well-placed costless-kick. Scotland fail to create any danger from the subsequent play. Estonia's counterattack is blocked after Alan Hutton clears Henrik Ojamaa run down the left.

22' Good run from Shaun Maloney, he gets past two defenders and unleashes a left-footed shot. Pareiko saves. Scotland get some attacking momentum back.

20' Best chance of the game for Scotland so far. Burke dances around the box until he crosses to Steven Fletcher. The Sunderland hitman heads it over the bar. The chance came after some nice touches from Maloney in the build up.

18' Scotland make some movements near the box but their final ball isn't the best. Anyway, the Estonians lose the ball quickly once they get it.

14' The posession stats make it clear: 80-20 for Scotland. However, they'll have to bring something out of that.

12' Scotland keeps moving the ball around the pitch as Estonia's players wait them on their own half. The Scots should show some creativity to unlock that defensive line...

9' Estonia's left back Teniste shots from distance and McGregor is forced to make the first save of the game. Outswinging corner from Estonia, Oper heads it off target, the ball went wide.

7' Charlie Adam shots a costless kick from 20 yards, the kick is really suited for a left-footed, but his attempt goes off target, a few inches over the bar.

6' Another corner for Scotland as Charlie Adam's shot is deflected by a defender. Pareiko punches the ball away, but Scotland are still with the ball at their feet. Chris Burke has been really lively on these opening stages.

4' Pareiko parries away, Naismith heads the ball and Maloney's shot is sent to corner by the keeper. The corner ends in no danger for Estonia, but Scotland are offering some attacking action from the start.

3' Scotland get a corner after Chris Burkes move is brushed off by a defender.

2' Scotland move the ball around while the Estonians chase it. Some of them haven't played for weeks (do to their league being on a winter break).

1' The game, the Strachan era -and hopefully a new dawn for Scottish football- are underway.

19:43. National anthems' time.

19:41. Gordon Strachan is cheered on by some fans at Pittodrie. He was 'their' choice after all.

19:40. Scotland last two matches ended in depressing defeats as they surrendered a lead against Wales (2-1 after Gareth Bale's brace) and were outplayed by Belgium (2-0). Three months later, they will look for a fresh start.

19:35. 'I wanted them to get the ball down and play, but the circumstances will make this a bit difficult. I want them to express themselves while the defenders do their job'.

19:31. Strachan was really enthusiastic during his opening press conference. 'I want to give something back to the country'. Will he start to make his name as a great Scotland manager tonight?

19:26. Celtic fans will surely remember their team's last matches when Gordon Strachan was their manager. The team's failure to score goals and its lack of creativity where some of the things that annoyed the Bhoys, and they'll surely pray to see another type of approach in his new adventure with Scotland.

19:23. So we are going to see two teams in a bad run, which one will emerge with a victory tonight? Will Gordon Strachan change the things Scotland need to improve their form?

19:19. Estonia XI: Pareiko, Jaager, Teniste, Morozov, Vassilijev, Mosnikov, Klavan, Ojamaa, Puri, Oper, Kink. Tarmo Rüutli has selected Henrik Ojamaa, the striker plying his trade at Motherwell. The visitors have managed 1 win out of 4 in their World Cup qualification group. Their victory came against Andorra (0-1) and they have failed to score in their three remaining matches (where they have conceded 6 goals).

19:15. Both teams played in Scotland in 1998, that time the venue was in Edinburgh. Tynecastle was the place to be as Scotland beat the Estonians 3-2 with a late double from Billy Dodds.

19:12. His formation could be in doubt, but Gordon Strachan has made it clear on the BBC, along other comments relating the utility of the game tonight:

"It's a variation of a 4-4-2 we're playing.

"The idea was to play good football tonight but with the wind and the rain it might not happen.

"You look for a win and a good performance - if I get either of those I'll be happy."

19:10. Scotland XI: McGregor; Hutton, Webster, Berra, Mulgrew; Brown (c), Adam; Burke, Naismith, Maloney; S.Fletcher. Strachan has selected some players that were under him during his tenure as a Celtic manager (Brown and Shaun Maloney). Scott Brown will be the captain tonight, a role he has had for three years at Celtic. Chris Burke, who had been out of the Scotland's squads for some time, has been recalled under Strachan thanks to his good form with Birmingham City.

19:02. Levein is now out, and Scotland look for a fresh start in Aberdeen, the first city where Strachan started to make his name as a footballer.

19:00. Good evening! We'll comment on Scotland's match against Estonia, which represents the opening game for Gordon Strachan. The Scottish faithful will hope that the former Aberdeen and Manchester United winger starts a good run, even though their chances of qualifying for the World Cup are almost non existant after a poor start (2 points out of 4 games).