Dyche points out facts after another diving row
Sean Dyche wasn't happy with the officiating after his side's defeat to Arsenal. PICTURE: GettyImages, NurPhoto.

Dyche points out facts after another diving row

Sean Dyche was again left upset after he believed poor decisions rom the officials cost his Burnley side in their 3-1 defeat at Arsenal on Saturday.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored twice before Ashley Barnes made it interesting towards the end but Alex Iwobi wrapped up the points for Arsenal in a 3-1 win over Burnley. 

But Dyche felt his team could have earned themselves more from the game.

“I think two out of the three goals are soft goals but we’ve delivered a good performance, especially coming away here and taking the game to them so I think we could have got something from the game,” Dyche said at his post-match news conference.

“We know, though, even with a good performance, we can’t give away two out of three goals.”

Amazed Dyche doesn’t understand the need for diving

Dyche’s attention quickly turned towards the officiating of the game, with the Clarets manager clearly not happy with a number of key decisions.

“We’ve had 61 games without a penalty, but there is a clear two-handed push in Kevin Long’s back, Ashley Barnes was booked when their player threw an elbow, which I have seen back by the way, which is an unnatural arm movement towards the face yet Ashley has been booked,” Dyche mentioned.

“Then two dives that no one seems to want to do anything about other than me.” Dyche has been very vocal on his standpoint on diving and it was no different after this game.

“I’m still amazed by it, we know nothing will happen retrospectively so I’ll leave it there.

“It’s exactly how you see it every week and I just want to see people banned because there are millions of children watching, you wouldn’t ruffle your kid’s hair if they cheat in a maths test but if they cheat in a game of football it’s okay.” Dyche continued.

“I don't get why they need to roll around because they are all so technically good.”

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"Gamesmanship is different" claims Dyche

The Clarets manager wanted to set the record straight about what his gripe was, claiming he has been misquoted in the past surrounding this issue.

“But remember gamesmanship is different, I’m on about blatant dives, phantom touches. If one of the players get tapped and goes down I haven’t got a problem with that, that’s clever.” Dyche explained.

“The FA, the Premier League and the PGMOL need to get their heads together and say hang on a minute, it’s gone too far,” Dyche added.

“I’m not exactly shy about my opinions, it’s every week,” he concluded.

At the end of the game, Dyche and his counterpart Unai Emery seemed deep in conversation, however, the Burnley boss said it was nothing.

“He said ‘you were questioning the referee?’ I said you’re right I was, all the best have a good Christmas!” Dyche laughed.

The 47-year-old has had his problems with officiating in the past and used two examples from the last two weeks that went for his team despite his men being guilty of fouling the opposition.

“I’ve mentioned this before, two weeks ago when we lost to West Ham, one of their players went down naturally, definite penalty but nothing was given and last week the same happened to Harry Kane, definite penalty, he went down naturally but no penalty was given,” Dyche stated.

“There’s hundreds of millions of pounds at stake in this game and we have all kinds of gadgets to view these things and I hope VAR will make a difference.

“I’m amazed, I’m amazed there aren’t more people who are viewing it factually.”

Burnley face Everton on Boxing Day at Turf Moor and could move out of the bottom three with a win if results go their way.