Pep Guardiola warned over future action by referee commission

Pep Guardiola has been warned about his future conduct by head of the German Football Association's referee commission Herbert Fandel.

This comes in light of the incident in the game against Schalke, earlier this month. The Spaniard raced to the assistant on the near side to question why his Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski’s goal was disallowed. Minutes later, he passionately hugged the fourth official following Arjen Robben’s opener.

Following the game, Guardiola played down the incidents. However, Fandel has attacked the manager and has warned him over future conduct.

"Pep Guardiola would do well to adjust his attitude," Fandel told Sport Bild. "With all due respect to strong emotional reactions, we crossed a line. A coach leaving his technical area to rush towards an assistant at the corner flag needs to be sent to the stands. The fact that he got away with a warning against Schalke should remain an isolated case. You cannot touch the body of a referee. Pep Guardiola should change his behaviour immediately."