Interview: Mustafa Amini talks on his experience at Dortmund, the Australian national team and his new club Randers FC
Talent: Amini has had a turbulent start to his career, deemed as one of Australia's biggest prospects and experienced life in the Bundesliga and A league, where will the Superliga take him next?

Mustafa Amini. At 21 years of age, he's done pretty well so far in footballing terms, attracting attention from Europe's biggest clubs as a mere teenager, following Amini's excellent form throughout the 2010–11 A-League season which attracted major interest from overseas clubs such as Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

Subsequently it was announced that Amini was to spend two weeks on trial with Borussia Dortmund in preparation for the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup in July with a view of signing a long-term deal with the Bundesliga club. Only days into his trial Borussia Dortmund publicly announced that the youngster had caught the eye of first team manager Jürgen Klopp stating that "he can definitely play football and is a really great talent.". More recently however, he’s had a change of scenery, exchanging the Westfalenstadion for AutoCPark after joining Randers FC who finished 4th in the Superliga last season.. And as they say, that's where it all started.

Here is my exclusive intervew with the man himself Mustafa Amini:

Great to have the opportunity to interview you Amini, Who is your favourite current Dortmund player and also who was your favourite growing up?

“My favourite current Dortmund player is Aubameyang he is just too fast and such a nice guy! My Favourite player growing up was Steven Gerrard”.

What is your opinion on the Premier league and do you see yourself playing in the EPL one day?

“The EPL is a great league and why not anything can happen in football.”

What's your take on Dortmund's Bundesliga form last season, do you think they deserved to finish 7th?

“They had a very bad start and had not so much luck but they brought it back home and now have Europa league qualification in their hands.”

You won the Dortmund players FIFA tournament a few months ago, what did you do with the trophy?

“Yes I won the best FIFA player against the likes of Marco Reus, Nuri Sahin and Ilkay Gündogan, the trophy is at my house.”

Did you ever feel hard done by not making a first team appearance for Dortmund? Especially after making the bench so many times and being so a loyal BVB II player?

“No that's football sometimes and I learnt a lot at BVB about life in general and of course football and I'm grateful for the chance to learn at such a big club but yes of course I would of liked the chance to play in front of such amazing fans.”

Where did it all start for you? You obviously had to work very hard, but how did your opportunity to become a professional come about?

“I started playing football at the age of 6 and ever since then haven't looked back and have enjoyed every moment of it. It's hard work and a lot of sacrifices but it's all worth it.”

You’ve achieved a lot of great things in your life, for example winning the A league Young player of the month in both November and December of 2010 and 2011 respectively. What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

“Yes I have won the premiership in Australia before I left in CCM . What I want to achieve in the next 5 years is to play at a high level in Europe starting at Randers FC. the Olympic Games 2016 then 2017 the confederations cup 2018 World Cup 2019 Asian cup and all this with being a core member of the Socceroos.”

If you had to choose one football player you would say plays the most similar to your playing style, who would you choose and why?

“I would say Steven Gerrard because that's who I always watched when I was younger. He’s a true legend.”

How do you feel on being labelled as one of Australia's brightest prospects?

“I feel great and I'm just enjoying my football which is the most important thing in my opinion.”

How was it making the quick transition from A-League to one of the biggest teams in Europe as a teenager?

“It was hard but it was worth it. What I learnt and experienced in the last 3 years was amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world, being able to train with some of the best players in the world day in and day out and being on the bench in the champions league against Arsenal and Manchester City was a real pleasure.”

Can Jon-Gorenc Stankovic make it with the Dortmund first team?

“Jon is a top kid with a great attitude and I don't see why he can't make it if he gets the chance and has some luck to go with it as anything is possible in football.”

What was it like to watch Bonmann save ‘that’ penalty then go up the other end and score instantly?

“That game was amazing the atmosphere was really crazy and a great day and like I said in football anything is possible and that day showed it.”

What persuaded you to Join Randers FC?

“Randers FC is a top club and very professional I didn't need persuading coming here the contact came and everything felt right after that. I just can't wait to get started!”

Do you think you can break into the Australian team?

“Yes I can break into the Socceroos and will, It's just about when and where but time will tell.”

A few of the BVB II players, including yourself, have moved up the football pyramid to bigger teams - does that say to you how big of a surprise it was to go down with such a talented squad, or where you stuck in a rut after narrowly avoiding it last season?

“We had a very good side at BVB II with great talents and just didn't have that luck to get us over the line.”

There have been four different winners of the Superliga in the last four years, do you think you can help out Randers to be the fifth team in five?

“Yes why not Randers FC is one of the best clubs here and if we start well and keep it up I don't see a reason why we can't ofcourse we will have to have abit of luck and work very hard for this.”

How much of a part did Colin Todd, an English speaking manager, play in bringing you to the club?

“Not a lot as the club itself brought me to Randers FC. It's a great club and I'm very happy to be here playing in the Danish first league and also we will play in the europa league qualification match on 2nd July and hopefully we can make it through and go into the next round.”

Do you feel it was the right choice to leave Dortmund, and do you agree with the assumption that it's a possible step down in class, yet one you may have had to sacrifice in order to develop further?

“Yes it was the right time to leave Dortmund I didn't see myself getting a real chance so I wouldn’t see it as a step back, I would say that I took a step forward to come to Randers FC as it's a first league Danish team who's very ambitious and I hope I can add a bit more to their squad and that we can move forward together.”

Thanks for giving me the chance to interview you Mustafa Amini, me and everyone at VAVEL UK wish you an excellent start at your new club!

"Thank you! It's been a pleasure :)"