Everything Joel Glazer said about Manchester United women at fans' forum

Joel Glazer has answered fans' questions surrounding the women's team as part of his recent forum with representatives on Friday 4 June earlier this month.

With Casey Stoney having departed amid a backdrop of lacklustre facilities, supporters were keen to get answers from the United hierarchy as to what would be done in the future.

The full minutes of the meeting are available to read through on the club's website here.

Committing the proper resources

United are one of the new kid's on the block in the women's game, with a senior team having only been reformed in 2018.

Since then, they secured promotion to the WSL in their first year and have since finished fourth on both occasions in the league.

It is worth noting that the most recent finish is probably the most promising of them all, with the team battling for the Champions League places until late into the season, yet there were still worries -- most notably the reasons widely cited for Casey Stoney's departure.

She resigned due to the lack of facilities afforded to her by the club's hierarchy, but the United chairman told representatives that it is an area of the club to which they are 'absolutely committed.

Glazer said: "Our number one priority in the last few years was to get our women's team started, to get it going, successfully, importantly in line with our club values – and we feel we've done that.

"Casey did a wonderful job and she'll be tremendously missed. We really appreciated all of her efforts because she really set the proper tone that we do believe was aligned with the values of Manchester United.

"And now that we are up and running, our attention does turn to the facilities. Again, unfortunately, we had the pandemic last year and a half, and we had to do a lot of things quickly to deal with the rules that were in place on how things were done with distancing to get us through the seasons.

"So that was a slight setback in moving forward with some of these areas. We're absolutely committed. It's very important to us. It's a very large, growing area of football, it's meaningful. And, like everything, we're going to be committing the proper resources.

"We want to compete for trophies in any competition we're involved in, in the women's category, and we're going to make sure we do so."

Concerns are duly noted

Keith Coutts, the 65+ season ticket holders' representative, raised the issue of the lack of facilities the women's team were given by the club.

The co-chairman told those present at the meeting that in the future the club will have facilities appropriate for a team who want to compete at the upper end of the Women's Super League.

"Keith asked about facilities for the women’s team," Glazer added. "We recognise, absolutely, and that's why I talked about women's facilities, it's going to be a process.

"We wanted to get the women's team up and running, as I said, before the pandemic hit, but when we are done with the women’s facilities they have to be absolutely appropriate and absolutely something we're all proud of.

"And we're determined to do that; we recognise the importance of the women's game, and the pride we have in our women's team, and that will be given the proper attention. It's duly noted."

Time will tell as to whether the changes occur or are merely empty promises, but his statements are a positive first step for the club.