Interview: Mehmet Kurt on his inspirations, prospects of a new move and his future goals
Turkish Talent: Is Kurt the next breakout star for Dortmund, or will he go down a different path for his career development?

VAVEL UK editor Salmaan Abbas had the opportunity to speak to the Mehmet Kurt, a natural leader who has captained the Dortmund U19's on numerous occasions, and enjoyed a brief stint in the UEFA youth league, making 5 appearances. In this interview, we spoke about his inspirations, a pending move away from Dortmund and much more.

Who do you think are the biggest talents at the club?

“In my opinion Jeremy Dudziak , Oguzhan Aydogan And Felix Passlack are the biggest talents now at BVB. Dudziak and Aydogan I have played with and they’re great.”

Will you be extending your contract with Dortmund? If you are, what impact do you think Tuchel will have?

“I will take a chance with my career at another club and leave BVB this summer, Tuchel won't bring a new style of Football but will add a sense of freshness so I think it will be a new beginning for BVB”

How would you describe your playing style?

“I would describe myself as a tactician who controls the match. I am more defensive because of that and I play defensive midfield because I like to fight against goals”

Who was your favourite player growing up?

Zinedine Zidane, he was an amazing player to watch, so skilful with the ball.”

What are your goals? Short-term? Long-term?

“I think in the next few month or so that I want to get into a good new team where I get in the first team, play consistently And be professional. In the next few years my dream is to play in the Bundesliga and that is my focus”

If you were to build your ultimate dream team, incl. retired players, who would be in it?

“My Dream team would have Gianlugi Buffon in goal, Cafu, Fabio Cannavaro, Alessandro Nesta and Roberto Carlos, all adding to my solid defence.

In midfield I would have Xavi, Zinedine Zidane , Andres Iniesta , and Ronaldinho.

To finish off my team I would have the clinical finishers (Brazilian) Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. I think any team would just give up if they were faced with that team”

If you were offered the chance to play for Arsenal for free but with no wages, or to accept £5 million in cash, which would you choose and why?

"Of course money is important in football but I would take the chance of playing for Arsenal because it’s a dream to play for a team like that. Because of this we all play football since we are children."

Who are your closest friends in the team?

"Oguzhan Aydogan, Mert Sahin - we help each other a lot and believe in each other this season."

Who was your role model growing up and how did they influence the way you play on the pitch?

“My dad has always been my role model, he has believed in me through the good and bad times and because of that I’m now playing my best football."

What is your biggest fear?

Diaby has had over 35 injuries during his time with Arsenal, injuries really do ruin careers.

"That I injure myself and can’t play anymore, I don’t think any footballer would want to be out of the game for a long period of time."

With BVB II being relegated, do you think that you’ll get a chance with them next season instead of playing for the u19s?

"I want to change my club because I think my chances to become a professional player is much higher in others clubs."

What do you think of the UEFA Youth League, Do you think it's a good experience; did you enjoy playing in it etc.?

"I think the youth League is a great Chance to immerse yourself with European’s top clubs. It is a chance to see how far you are and it is a big tournament for young players. It was great!"

If you didn't make it in football, what career would you be interested in now?

"I would get the highest School qualification and I would study Something with sports as I would become a junior coach with a great Club like bvb."

Could you give VAVEL UK an exclusive on your career, something you haven’t revealed to any other media outlet?

"I dont think so (smile) I think I already have!"

After seeing Dominik Reimann get onto the bench for the first team, was that a real motivation boost for him to try and prove himself?

"It was great to see him there for all of us because he is a great goalkeeper. I think it motivated all of us because we could see that the first team is not far away."

There has been a lot of injuries and uncertainty in midfield, do you feel like you could force your way into the team?

"Everyone has seen his chance in the First Team because BVB always gives young player the chance to get promoted like Dome Reimann. It’s always motivational when Klopp or someone else is watching our matches but I won't be making it into the first team because of my desire to play consistent first team footballer at a top club, it would have been nice to get promoted however."

Do you think Felix Passlack has the potential to go on and better what Götze did with BVB?

"I think Felix has big potential even he is very young. They have to give him time and I think he will be a great footballer at this club."

Do you think that Passlack will show more loyalty to the club, even though he's a Schalke fan?

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"I think Felix knows what he has in Dortmund and other clubs can't give him. Even though he is a Schalke Fan I think he won't leave the Club but will fight for bvb because they will make him a professional."

Have you managed to convert Passlack to a BVB fan so that he doesn't leave?

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“I don't have much contact with him so because of that no, I haven't.(smile )"

Our Bundesliga expert Jonny Walsh is a big fan of yours and enjoys watching youth football especially in Germany, taking this in mind, what would you like to say to the fans who support you and who are reading this interview?

“I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to be interviewed by VAVEL UK and want to say a big thanks to all my supports and readers who have stopped by this article. I want to tell all of you that you always have to believe in yourself and work hard to get better And higher at football or other things, as working hard is very important.”