Which stars will be in the front row of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4?
Matt Riddle is the bookmakers favourite to debut at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 (Photo: SEScoops)

Which stars will be in the front row of NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4?

Speculation is rife as to which stars will be in the front row of this weekends NXT Takeover show to confirm their signing with WWE, we look at three potential candidates.

James Houghton

If there’s one thing that is a guarantee for every NXT Takeover, it’s that the newest signings to WWE’s developmental brand will be seen in the front row.

Last time out we saw Keith Lee announced as NXT’s latest signing and since then the 6-foot 2 bruiser has made his debut at NXT tapings.

But with NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 just around the corner which wrestler will be the next in that long list of Takeover pre-debut appearances.

Matt Riddle

Certainly, the favourite to make their debut this Saturday, Matt Riddle’s signing with WWE may have already been spoiled by independent promotion Combat Zone Wrestling.

In a graphic promoting their New Heights event which took place at the end of July, CZW used the tagline: “Don’t miss one of Matt Riddle’s final indy appearances” implying that Riddle would soon be off to WWE and with the next Takeover after Brooklyn not being until November this all but confirms that the former UFC fighter is about to make his debut.

This would continue WWE’s recent obsession with crossover stars from the world of MMA as Riddle would join the ranks of Brock LesnarRonda Rousey and fellow NXT star Shayna Baszler as WWE superstars who have also fought in major MMA promotion UFC.

But some rumours are suggesting that Riddle’s involvement on Saturday may be more than just a front row smile and wave routine as he may interfere in the main event as a replacement for Aleister Black. Black was ruled out of the triple threat due to a groin strain and some believe that in an attempt to avoid the Gargano/Ciampa matchup feeling repetitive WWE will find a way to involve Riddle either as a surprise replacement or interfering.

However, NXT has not been the place for this kind of shenanigans in the past and Triple H may worry that throwing Riddle into the main event may confuse casual fans who are not familiar with his work and may instead play it safe by leaving him in the crowd. Riddle may even turn out to be the “mystery attacker” who attacked Black on NXT TV as a way to explain Black’s removal from the main event.

Bray Wyatt

It would certainly be a surprise if Bray Wyatt were to appear at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 but for his fans it would be a welcome one.

The Eater of Worlds is at a dead end is his career right now, with rumours that his tag team partner Matt Hardy will retire due to injury growing every day now may be the perfect time for a career reboot and where better to do that than in NXT.

Triple H has left the door open to main rosters stars moving to NXT in the past and with no creative direction for Bray being apparent for some time he may get a new lease on life by going back to NXT as one of the brand’s biggest stars.

At just 31 Wyatt still has a long career ahead of him so whilst a move back to NXT may seem ill-advised right now, if he is able to reinvent his character and get the fans back behind him in the way they were when the Wyatt family first debuted then it may be more beneficial in the long run adding years onto his time at the top.

However, Wyatt is an established name on the main roster and to bring him back down to NXT would be a big step back in his career and the wrestler may not be open to the idea of being “demoted” down to developmental when he has held the world title in the past.

Furthermore, a front row appearance would not be in line with Wyatt’s character. He is much more likely to cause a distraction or directly interfere with a match to punctuate his return.

Whilst it is highly unlikely that Bray will appear in the NXT crowd, it is worth thinking about the benefits that Wyatt could see if he were to temporarily move down to the brand.

The Young Bucks

Our third and final prediction is certainly a long shot but not out of the realm of possibility.

Rumours have been rampant in recent months that Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks were on the radar of the WWE and Triple H was very keen to add the trio to his NXT brand.

The rumours only grew stronger when it was reported that WWE had taken a more aggressive strategy to signing the New Japan stars including sending representatives to approach the Young Bucks as they arrived in Orlando, Florida for an autograph signing session. Reportedly approaching the pair just 20 minutes after they arrived in the city.

With the tag team currently widely accepted as the “best tag team in the world” and two of the organisers of the All In event it would be very much in Vince McMahon’s interest to get the brothers under contract and under his control.

However, The Young Bucks are currently at the peak of their careers, they are about to run the biggest non-WWE or WCW wrestling show in the United States since 1993 and currently hold the IWGP tag team championships in NJPW, it would take a very serious offer in order to get the two under contract and, for now at least, it seems as though The Young Bucks are happy outside of “The Big Leagues”.


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