"I'm accountable for that performance" - Gemma Davies after Manchester City defeat
The Aston Villa head coach said that she was ‘accountable’ for how her side performed

Aston Villa suffered a 7-0 defeat on Sunday afternoon away to Manchester City.

Villa conceded six goals in the first half, vulnerable on the wings and on the end of City's attacking onslaught.

Here's what Gemma Davies said after the match.

  • Her assessment of the game

When asked about what she thought of the game, Gemma Davies took responsibility for her side's performance.

"We know that we're better than what we showed today, particularly in that first 45 minutes," Davies said. "When you play against a top-four team, you have to be the best, you have to be at your best.

"In that first 45, we simply weren't collectively at our best. Ultimately, the buck stops with me and I'm accountable for that performance and I will do everything, we will do everything within our power to put that right going into Reading."

  • The second half

Villa adapted their setup in the second half of the game, bringing on Mana Iwabuchi and Elisa N'Dowe for Chloe Arthur and Nadine Hanssen.

"We obviously changed our shape a little bit," the Aston Villa head coach said. "We brought an extra defender on - the wide areas were causing us some issues. We asked them going into the second half to keep a clean sheet, albeit we conceded that one goal but they achieved what we would now determine as success in that second half.

"That's not what we want to be. We don't want to be a team that plays a 5-4-1. We don't want to be a team that plays a low block."

  • Mana Iwabuchi

Gemma Davies added that new Japanese midfielder Mana Iwabuchi made a big impact when she was brought on in the second half.

"I thought she came on in the second half and there was a difficult impact from her on the pitch - we looked after the ball better," she said.

"We were struggling to secure possession and we were causing a lot of turnovers so she helped that for us and looked after the ball in Key areas better."

  • Injury update

Ramona Petzelberger was replaced by Amy West in the second half of the game. Davies confirmed that the club didn't yet have any update on her injury: "Not at this moment in time. It's not thought to be serious so we'll wait until the full assessment."