Hitzfeld talks transfers, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich

Hitzfeld on; the Reus-Bayern war of words.

"A war of words does not harm the Bundesliga. It is actually good. The Dortmund fans wait fixedly for a reaction of Bavaria and vice versa. Everyone wants to know how it goes. Rummenigge remains at the Supercup cool? Or does he strike back? I find that it is invigorating."

Hitzfeld on; should Bayern stop buying BVB players?

"(laughs) I do not think Bayern is reliant on the "Scout" Dortmund. They have an excellent team even without their former BVB player. However, there is no reason for Bayern to say that we buy now no longer Dortmund players. That would be unrealistic. So a promise can not exist. Bayern will have the best team they can get. And for that they get the best players. By the way BVB snatched Marco Reus in the same way from Gladbach now the same possibly threatens them next summer."

Hitzfeld on; buy-out clauses.

"Of course, as a coach, one wishes for secure planning. This is not necessarily carried out in clauses. But they do belong: the players want to change at any time. The clubs also want to be economically sound. Exit clauses are nothing harmful."

Hitzfeld on; player values.

"If Real Madrid has paid €75 million for James Rodriguez, this can not be the where the yardstick lies. What Real Madrid paid, has exceeded all limits. Both in salaries as well as transfer fees. Madrid and also Paris overpay for players. This is madness. The proportionality is missing."

Hitzfeld on; Kroos' transfer fee.

"That's right. Getting a regular player of FC Bayern and current world champion for the price, is - in comparison to the other sums - almost low. Since they have gotten a bargain (laughs). Toni Kroos will bring Madrid a lot of joy. He will certainly reinforce key players and the team."

Hitzfeld on; Dortmund's chances of winnings the league.

"Only if BVB get a really strong start. Dortmund needs points, points, points. With a super start they can make Bayern nervous. It's like this: If Bayern are experiencing a stuttering start and Dortmund pull away, they (Bayern) are criticized. And because it is Bavaria, they are always criticised excessively. The players read and listen to it. They are sensitive. Then they are more nervous. And then Dortmund have a chance."

Hitzfeld on; Bayern having a tough start.

"This summer there will be an herculean task for Pep Guardiola prepare the team for the season to start. He is missing at least two weeks. Usually a team has at least four weeks for a preparation, and sometimes five or six weeks. Time is also needed to work out the basics - the physical, but above all the automatic functions that make up football. A team needs to play. The fit and running paths must function. New players, who Bayern have signed again, must be incorporated. They must learn to understand their fellow players. But they can not in such a short time. The full integration takes time - and more than two weeks."

Hitzfeld on; Pep signing Reina.

"Pep Guardiola knows the guy. He knows exactly how the boy ticks. Therefore, the transfer may not be a mistake. Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world. Let there be no doubt. But it is good if he feels a bit of pressure from Reina. Reina has to sit on the neck (of Neuer) to make Neuer even better."