Bardsley OG 1-0 58th minute
USA defeat England to lift SheBelieves Cup as Neville suffers first defeat

USA defeat England to lift SheBelieves Cup as Neville suffers first defeat

An own goal crushes the Lionesses' hopes

Chloe Leadbeater

The SheBelieves Cup is now all over for 2018 with England suffering defeat due to an own goal.

However, there will be positives to take from this tournament as well as lessons to be learnt. Early signs are encouraging though with a World Cup qualifier against Wales on the horizon.

Coming into the match, the Lionesses knew what they had to do in order to win. Their 4-1 thrashing of France gave them the upper hand in terms of goal difference and they could have settled for a draw in order to win the SheBelieves Cup. That wasn't what they did however.

It was a close game between the two with both sides going for it. The USA knew they had to win and it showed. However, the Lionesses knew this and attacked as well but both teams seemed to lack the end product they needed. The Lionesses survived a scare near the end with the USA having a fair few attempts. The first half ended 0-0 but it looked like it would take something special or a mistake to open the game.

Unfortunately for the Lionesses, it was the latter that occured. There was a mix up and lack of communication that lead to the own goal. Millie Bright and Karen Bardsley were both involved in it and the own goal was credited to the goalkeeper. The Lionesses weren't going to give up and tried to get that all important equaliser but it wasn't be in the end.

Positives for both

The US won their second SheBelieves Cup and England had their best finish yet at the cup. With a few key players out for the Lionesses this time round and a new manager, it was going to be a tough task to win the tournament but there are positives to take from this. There will be lessons too with a World Cup Qualifier against Wales in early April to prepare for next.