Geylang International: Will the Eagles seek redemption after a cataclysmic season?
Photo: Geylang International Football Club

The Eagles started off the season strong with a win against Tanjong Pagar but could not maintain their form as their path went downhill from then on. They went on a winless streak for 6 games, with only 1 point claimed from a draw against the Young Lions. Their constant underperformances and lack of self-belief was the only reason the Eagles could seek redemption.

However do not assume on their past season being a terrible one, as the Eagles did pull up quite a couple of surprises from their sleeves. During the second half of the season, the Eagles considered their unlucky circumstances to be retribution for their past performances, by claiming their three points from the Tigers in their second encounter, which was taken from them on the first. They found success against the Stags on their second meeting as well, which the game ended in a buzzling score line of 3-1 after losing out to them with a score of 3-2 previously. All in all, the Eagles merely survived the season with a bit of unluckiness to add into their spell as well.

  • Transfers in:

Vincent Bezecourt

Vincent walks into the Eagles arena in top form after playing in many recognisable leagues abroad, such as the Major League Soccer as well as the Armenian Premier league. The French man played for New York Red bulls for two consecutive seasons before he moved on to Alashkert Yerevan, where he finally caught Geylang’s attention. The Singapore Premier League, already with countless of top foreign signings for the upcoming season, looks like they might have to keep up with more surprises of what these local clubs can bring.

Sime Zuzul

The Eagles have bought over Croatian forward, Sime Zuzul, from the Tigers. The Croatian, bagged a total of 15 goals in 20 games for Balestier in three seasons, may be what the Eagles might exactly need to polish up their attack against strong defensive teams in the upcoming season, one aspect experienced-Head coach Noor Ali looks to improve on.

Rio Sakuma

The Japanese was one of the green link in Albirex defence back in their title-winning campaign in 2020. Having played 1178 minutes, the center-back managed to add 12 shots and 1 goal to his name. The White Swans managed to secure their season with 8 clean sheets out of 14 games that season and one combatant that would fit the Eagles squad in the upcoming season.

Takahiro Tezuka

The 23-year-old Japanese will join the Eagles in the upcoming season to bolster their midfield. Tezuka, who is known for his deadballs, is a trait the Eagles will be manifesting in. On top of that, Rio had five assists and five goals under his name in the previous season for the White Swans, and this valuable asset might be the particular reason why the Eagles clutched.

From our local Tigers

Hazzuwan Halim, Ahmad Syahir and Fadli Kamis will be dawning a different set of colours in the upcoming season. As the three of them arrive from Balestier, Singapore-international Hazzuwan contributed 1584 mins for the tigers in the previous season, adding three goals and four assists. Defenders Fadli Kamis and Ahmad Syahir comes aboard the Eagles nest with nothing but talent and experience. Fadli has won the tigers 23 fouls in the previous season with 7 shots taken in 1727 minutes played while Syahir has won 21 fouls and 4 shots taken in 1388 minutes played, traits the young defenders could learn and adapt from.

The Stag’s contribution

Midfielder Huzaifah Aziz joins the Eagles from the Tampines Rovers, hoping to claim more playing time in the upcoming season. The 28-year-old only played a total of 45 minutes out of 14 games with no contribution added to his name in the 2021 Singapore Premier League season. However, the Eagles will make more of him in the upcoming season, one for the club and the fans to watch and enjoy.

  • Transfers out:

Amy Recha

Geylang’s Sharpshooter Amy Recha, who had just gone international for his country not long ago, bagged a total of 12 goals out of 14 games for the Eagles in the 2021 SPL campaign. The 29-year-old is one of the Eagle favourites to ever step out onto the field in the green. For the upcoming season, the forward is the cheetah’s new number 19.

Van Huizen

Christopher Van Huizen returns home to Tampines Rovers for the third time, where he started his career back there in 2014. The 29-year-old have brought back lots of experience which the stags could use to exploit opponent’s defence lines as he had made 93 league appearances in various clubs that he has played under. The left-footed winger clocked a total of 1002 minutes for the Eagles with one goal and five assist to his name.

Asshuskrie Wahid

The 23-year-old attacker who started his career with the Eagles, has now shifted his attention to fortify the Tigers attack in the upcoming season. The young prodigy has clocked a total of 453 minutes for the Eagles with seven shots taken and no goals or assists in all 14 games.

Hairul Syirhan

The 26-year-old goalkeeper joins Balestier Khalsa in the upcoming season. He has been with the Eagles throughout his playing career, made a stint with the young lions in 2017 and 2018 before returning back to the eagles. He has clocked a total of 405 minutes for the Eagles in the previous season.

Darren Teh

The Singapore-international who is currently on two caps for his country, leaves after five seasons for the Eagles to the Tigers in the upcoming season. Darren started his professional debut for Geylang back in 2017. The defender’s expertise is both full-back positions, but also finds various positions such as a center-back or center-midfield congenial to his playing ability.

Barry Maguire and Matheus Moresche

The Dutch midfielder leaves the Eagles after a memorable three seasons with them, together with Brazilian midfielder Matheus Moresche. Barry has joined Dutch side Fc Den Bosch after clocking a total of 1361 minutes for the Eagles, adding seven assists to his name. On the other hand, Matheus has joined Australian side Central Coast Mariners for their upcoming season. The 23-year-old has clocked a total of 1683 minutes for the Eagles and has bagged a total of 11 goals and four assists to his name in the previous season.

  • Key player:

Without hesitation, Sime Zuzul will be one to look out for when he is on the field dawning the Eagles jersey. With his quick pace and exceptional technical ability, it will be hard for defenders to anticipate his next moves before he receives the ball. “My personal target this season is to score 20 goals, and of course to help the team achieve a top 4 finish, for an AFC Cup spot. I am confident that this is going to be our year. Just be patient and please come and support us. Let’s go Eagles!” as Sime mentioned in an interview with GrandStandSGP.

  • Young player:

The 19-year-old defender to look out for in an Eagles jersey in the upcoming season is none other than Ilhan Noor. Ilhan had played 762 minutes for the Eagles in the previous season and had bagged two goals under his name. A good partnership could be established between him and Colossus Rio in the upcoming season.

  • Manager:

Head coach Noor Ali will be looking forward to claiming a top 4 spot in the upcoming season for him and his team. It was definitely a season to forget in 2021, but to also learn from. This time, it is nothing but only to climb the ladder.

We are looking forward to the start of the new Singapore Premier League season. The goal has always been to mount a serious title challenge, and this season is no different. We have the ability to create upsets and win games. I have faith in the boys, and I can see the hunger in them to excel as we prepare for a long season ahead,” mentioned Noor Ali in an interview with Geylang International FC.

  • Predictions:

Geylang International FC had signed a couple of quality signings for the upcoming season, with intentions to finish in a AFC Cup spot. Their previous season definitely did hit them like a truck. However that is not going to bring their morale down in the upcoming season. They will be looking to win more games and most importantly as what their coach would want, is to enjoy their football.

Prediction: Fifth